Jun 23, 2013

Lyrics: "Places"

 Steppin' out my buildin', pumas to the pavement
gazin' at at the sky in amazement of birds flying by
buildin' nests in the heart of the city, makin' the gritty look pretty
got me feelin' less shitty, mama always showed me
beauty can be found in the littlest things, like doing unfamiliar things
the experience can bring about the Confidence of Innocence,
"I think on these things": The wholeness of Life and Self discipline
there are things in this world that I do not know, like places I would one day like to go
eversince the birth of earth, people searched for somewhere to belong,
I would like to know where we all from, I close my eyes to be one with the creator
the one i call my maker, the one forever greater, the giver and the taker of the gift of life
the power of the moment, the here and now,  the place for us to grow in
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