Dec 10, 2012

InnerSoul vol 1.Blue Collar Soul Tracklist And Dedications

Song 1: Mucho Trabajo

Okai: percussion and vocals
Takumi Matsumura: flute
Gregg Green: Guitar/Bass/vocals

Song 2: Beneath These Rooftops

Paul Odeh: keys
Freddy Gonzales Sr: Percussion
Freddy Gonzales Jr: Tombone
Charles Green: Trumpet
Gregg Green: Bass/Guitar/Vocals

Song 3: Do The Right Thing Today

Nate Cruz: Vocals
Chris Kramer: Production
Gregg Green: Bass/Guitar/vocals

Song 4: Ease Up

Michael Loveman: Keys
Pimpernel Jones: Production
Gregg Green: Bass/Guitar/Vocals

Song 5: Take Time

Thomas Green: Vocals
Samir: Vocals
Larry MacDonald: Percussion
Tony Thompson: Percussion
Agathe Quero: Violins
Artem Kulakov: Engineer
Martijn Rensema: Engineer
Gregg Green: Guitar

Song 6: Resin

Steve Woods: Drums
Pimpernel Jones: Production
Gregg Green: Guitar/Bass/Trumpets/Vocals

Song 7: Freedom

Pimpernel Jones: Production
Gregg Green: Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Song 8: Ease Your Mind

Paul Odeh: Keys
Gregg Green: Guitar/Bass

Song 9: Queen U

Attila Beats: Engineer/Production
Charles Green: Trumpet
Gregg Green: Guitar/Bass

A special thanks goes to my ace Pimpernel Jones
for his rare patience, kindness, respekt and true love for this art form
and incredible talent with which he blessed this project

All Songs Mixed and Mastered by Pimpernel Jones

I would like to give thanks to God first
for giving me the ability and opportunity
to do the work he has given me to do

And to my wife, kitty and family for their support and belief

This Album Is Dedicated In Loving Memory
To My Dear Mother Anita Louise Menge

miss you moms.. love you..

My Paternal Grandmother Miss Josephine Smith
Keith Elam
Mr. G Hendriks
and my beautiful homey Metaphysic..
still miss you everyday baby

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