Dec 20, 2012

InnerSoul Sessions Song 9: Queen U

the concept to this song came about
when i saw my sister watching one of those Hollywood red carpet shows
idolizing and glorifying today's Hollywood actresses
without having any real sense of its history
or the reality of the way things are and how they came to be this way
the struggle and the sacrifice of so many people of color
fighting to become recognized as equal players
in that silver screen world designed and controlled
by the big money people responsible
of the images being released into that other world:
the one everyday people live in 

my sis is so much more special to me
than the image they portray on tv
of what young women like her are supposed to be like
and my prayer for her is
that despite life's confusion
she will stay the pure beautiful person she is now

the song came about as a jam that Attila Beats my pops and I
did at Attila's crib in Haarlem Holland
after he finished his radio show in a local bar we got to work
he made the beat, i did the bass and guitar parts
and pops put the horns on it..

 I been around the world ain't seen beauty like yours
and still you get your self image from girls on dance floors 
on all fours with no problems gettin' called whores 
best believe it wasn't like that before
moma come home you better open all doors 
pull up her throne and fix her some dinner 
serve her like a queen yeah treat her like a winner 
cause she the one that hold the family together 
when it comes to you nothing less than the best 
cause you to me ain't nothing like the rest 
all respekt due to them that do what they got to do 
to make it thru this ain't for you
this is for my sisses and other little misses 
sedused by promises and chasin' empty dreams in a world 
out to kill they self esteem by all means pursue your dreams 
but know things ain't always what they seem

See people in power push their agenda
Hollywood is an illusion built on propaganda
first they build you up then they hit you with the slander
next year what you supply they not in demand of
I understand you just following a trend
you not to blame it’s the ones run who run the game
that have people risk their soul for a taste of fame
sis it’s a shame but that’s how it is
promises in exchange for  the priceless
got precious children hatin' their own likeness
we the seeds of the gods the children of the righteous
nah it ain't no mystery them treatin' us like this
is by design they try to keep us blindfolded
media the tool they use to keep our minds molded
in a state of confusion where humanity is losin'
its what they been doin' since before the constitution 

politrix has been part of their plan
that’s why blacks never had a place in Hollywood land
knowledge our race always had masters of the trade
but back in the days they were made to play maids
truth is they see people as slaves
so respekt to them that paved our way
baby you are true beauty
a princess  in a long line of royalty
Billie Holiday Queen Latifah
Lynn Collins of course Aretha
Miss celia cruz Monie Love Mc Lyte
check out how they do they thing if you wanna do it right
Miss marley Miss Wallace Miss Afeni Shakur
living examples of what it means to endure
I pray for all the unsung people making a way
and for all the young ones stay strong you’ll find a way    

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