Dec 19, 2012

Blue Collar Soul Song 8: Ease Your Mind

Besides the song "Take time"
this has got to be the most personal
song on the album for me

Where "Take time" is dealing with realizing
that my mother really has passed away
this song deals with the aftermath of that realization
getting used to her energy changing form 

Getting used to knowing what people mean
when they say that the loss of a parent
is something you never fully get over
something like that

I had a difficult time coming home
and going back to what people call life as usual
the feelings of loss, and other varying emotions
as well as countless memories don't seem to all come at once
they seem to more or less come in waves
something might trigger them
sometimes nothing at all happens for me to be in that zone
where I'm just thinking back on when she was still
just a phone call away

I think of the love and concern shown
by my elders and  loved ones
and thank them

  I lost so much already 
so many things in life unsteady
not really sure what the future will bring 
not sure if we're gonna win
all my life i been tryina do right
wanted nothing more than see people unite
tryina do what's right in god's sight
still i gained not a thing without puttin up a fight 

everybody talk but nobody really know 
the way you feel inside when you feelin' low
my elders say answers come with time 
shed your tears ease your mind 
sometimes a smile tomorrow comes 
not without a teardrop today
sometimes a smile tomorrow comes
i guess that's the price we pay

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