Dec 14, 2012

Blue Collar Soul Song 4: Ease Up

everytime you open your mouth you rude 
 so rude 
everytime you speak more lies than truth you do 
you do 

the pen is mightier than the sword
i do not know what you messin' with me for
i been told you before 
you didn't take no heed now you comin' back for more 
life's a battle between love and war
many people don't know what they livin' for
hate got em feelin' insecure
but you just want to be givin' them more

ease up 
all the while pretendin' we friends
i turn around now you stealin' my ends 
remember all the little things you said 
what goes around comes back one day 
love could never go astray
despite all the little silly games you play

ease up

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