Dec 12, 2012

Blue Collar Soul Song 2: Beneath These Rooftops

The voices in the intro of this song
belong to Micheal Bloomberg
current mayor of New York City
and "Late Show" host David Letterman

In a sit down with the mayor
Letterman implies that it must be embarrassing
to be one of the wealthiest people in the world
with no doubt one of the reasons justifying
his proposed embarrassment being
the vast amount of people living in his city
currently in need of assistance

Bloomberg denies having any such feelings

As a basic rule of life
to survive people need to eat
The way most people go about it in this society
is by working a job or hustling odd jobs
or hustling period..

Now the way I see it
a mayor, like any representative of a body of people
chosen by the people 
has a responsibility to the people

Instead the more I hear about Bloomberg
and the policies he installs and maintains
the more he gives the impression to have lost touch,
if he ever was in touch, with those people

Not long ago I attended a meeting
where they showed a video of people who's
current dire situation, due to the economic recession
has led them and their families to have to adapt
to a situation beyond their control 

People who gave up their jobs and their livelihoods
to bail out the ones responsible for the economy to plummet in the first place
People who, like Bloomberg, already have more than enough to survive

Proud workers reduced in economic rank
in order for an economy to recover
that got hurt due to no fault of their own
This in itself is a concept beyond my comprehension
how many times have I heard it said
that if you do the crime you must do the time
it seems to me that in this case the real bail out  is
the innocent doing the time for the criminals

It's for these people, whether it be the ones
that have landed on hard times due to the recession
or the many homeless the city still houses
that so called soup kitchens are set up
and all over the city they have become a necessary aid
for many people's survival

So what does Bloomberg
like any responsible and compassionate representative do
in order to do improve the quality of life of his city's inhabitants?

He campaigns against the city's donating of food to people in need

He says he does this because the city has no way of monitoring
the salt content levels of the donated food


all of society preaches in favor of education
yet the news is filled with chaos in the schools
the firing of more and more able bodied teachers
passionate about their profession
being replaced by fewer and fewer state appointed people
who in some cases never have stepped foot inside a class room
since graduating from school themselves

the results are that the level of education suffers
both because the classes become bigger and less manageable
and because the teachers themselves aren't as knowledgeable
of the things they're teaching their pupils
as are the teachers who are

people in general want similar things
they want to do what's right for ourselves
our families and society
so that they can have a sense that they're doing the right thing
for themselves while contributing to a society they believe in

many of the priorities Bloomberg has set in the past and continues to set
make this an increasingly difficult thing to do

So when i say we need freedom
i mean a freedom from red tape bureaucracy
where systems are put in place that resist common sense behavior
like depriving the hungry from receiving food
or our children from proper education

Beneath These Rooftops

beneath these rooftops government keeps raisin tax n
the struggle continues for blax and anglo saxens
played like fools playi'n by the rules first
they raise tuition then they cut our schools
many get laid off facing eviction
you can find em in line waitin' at the soup kitchen
cant find a job, they seekin
While wall street drinks and party's on the weekend
you can hear the streets preachin'
things’ getting raw people ready for war

yo meet me on the corner

Beneath these rooftops the block is school
the corner’s class you live you pass
yo son move in wisdom
your words is bullets your mind's a gun cause
children grow up with guns that go pop
the struggle of have and have not it don’t stop
we need to teach the young crafts to make funds
each one reach one that’s where i'm coming from
heeded when I was told at 10 years old
'set a Bold goal go for gold'
ever since then I been doing my thing
with like minded souls up in the fold
24/7 holidays and weekends
Doing what I got ta keep my fam eatin'
thru vernacular diction
landin' on the track with a spectacular mission:
to make the seeds of our soul come to fruition
n like soldiers in the field we play our position
loyal to the game plenty heads cheatin'
seduced by fame ignorin' what we needin'


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