Dec 16, 2012

Blue Collar Soul Song 6: Resin

A man is known by the company he keeps
Got to work to eat whether famine or feast
Your essence remains the same from seed to tree
Hate can’t defile a good man’s integrity
God bless the meek and the people in the street
May peace guide your feet if its peace that you seek
Many don’t take life seriously
Before they claim victory already accept defeat
 if you want it then you can
The goodness of life does not belong to one man or woman
just remember one thing
no one's gonna give you anything
The hardest steel goes thru the hottest fire
nature’s way to test your desire
From wherever you are to wherever you roam
Shine your light bright and everywhere is home

Praise be to the father 
Keep the values of your heart while you navigate thru life
The way of the right is never on the side of strife
God has you in his sight god bless your life
Stop your fussin' and shootin' and killin’
We need to set a better example for our children
Know what it takes to be a man
Have a vision devise a plan Commit to it and take a stand
God gives everyone at least one gift
So let him and the world know that you’re worthy of it
Focus on your mission and get ready for the task  
If you lookin' for direction don’t hesitate to ask
 In this world we face corruption in the form of power
God will judge all men in the final hour
We are the resin of the great 
 use your power for good  love conquers hate

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