Nov 19, 2012

Birth Of The InnerSoul Sessions

      I'm often amazed at people. At the world in general, specifically at people.When I think of the many  incredible things minds have build with their hands, ideas and creativity, it builds my trust and faith in people. From a plumber who knows the inner workings of a building, to barbers who work their tools with precision to help make people feel dippa dappa and brand new. There's a set of skills in everything people do, from cooking a first class meal, to playing ball, to dancing, to driving a bus. The ability to do all these things shows the true genius of people..
      You can see when people get around something they love, something in them takes control and takes over and it's almost like the borders of time and things cease to exist. Much like the way one feels when living in Dharma, in accordance to the natural law of their essential being. From an MC holding a mic, smoothly guiding its chord to his side like a fisherman casting a net, setting out to reel in a new batch of converts, to a trumpet player knowing to breathe in just the right amount of air for a phrase, to a violinist translating words on a page to form angelic timeless sounds in the atmosphere pleasing to God's and man's ears, to a Dj sampling anything audibly imaginable, and with it weaving magical carpets of sound providing spherical escape, healing and spiritual shelter from the storm.. allowing souls to communicate to and from their inner most self.. yes I'm often amazed at people..


I've seen a man tap his drum, adjusting its clamps to tighten the skin covering the top. His calluses covered hands communicating back and forth with the drums and his ears, adjusting the pitch until they agreed on the sound. I've seen hands in nonstop motion turning knobs, pushing buttons, rapidly sorting out cables and twirling records over, uncovering the black gold collections of grooves from their sheaths, fitting them neatly and with caution over the metal center piece of the player.. making sure the vinyl treasures stayed in tact and unscratched.. 
           I've seen children and elders, teenagers and full growns come together at block parties in Brooklyn, Long Island, Maastricht and Paris. I've witnessed them gather at festivals in the cities all over the world. In unison, as one, tuned in to life on the Soulful Side of things. A place where everything is everything and all is one. This feeling of togetherness is one of my earliest most feel good memories. I remember I used to love it when people, musicians, would come around and chill and hang out, play music and share stories. These truly were some of the happiest times I've known in my life. Looking at it now, I do believe the concept of InnerSoul Sessions is directly related to those times, and to any time people come together in harmony, love and unity.
           The pieces on these sessions are signature selections born from get togethers recordings and jam sessions, handcrafted by some of the most beautiful gifted and talented souls I have had the pleasure and honor of knowing as well as working with. From fathers and sons coming together with other fathers and sons and communicating their love and connection thru music, to souls finding a way to express and share the beauty and sadness of losing a common loved one, in the process building a bridge. An invisible bridge. These songs are, and have their own stories. Born from the love, beauty energy, individuality, spirituality and creativity of each individual in the room, the place of conception, the womb of the recordings, to the world, their place of birth and further growth..

 Innersoul studios are anywhere in the world.They're in no one place specifically. They're in any basement, attic, open space, room, studio, nightclub or where ever. Where ever there is music and where ever there are people. It could be in a studio building in Harlem, a brownstone building, stoop or attic in Brooklyn, a wooden staircase in Maastricht, a backroom in Berlin or a radio station in japan. Any time and place creative minds meet in harmony and honesty and bring and share their love and creativity. Participants don't even have to be musicians or artists.. I myself have met many musicians that never touched an instrument and many artists that never touched a brush. All that is needed is just people that have a right vibe, a good vibe, a real vibe, positive..There, for the love of music.  

For a good while now I’ve have been of the opinion that good music usually fits with other good music, regardless of the genre. I got this concept from back when i used to put together tapes for friends and fam for their enjoyment. From a record player to tape or from tape to tape I would record a mixture of songs I thought would work well together, depending on the mood of the song, and based on what I thought would fit the taste of the person I was making the mix for.
          Going thru this process for some reason I found that indeed good music just seemed to work well with good music.. Regardless. Its like music respecting itself in all its forms. For instance, I would have a Nina Simone song follow an mc Solaar song.. and found that it worked.. had some Gangstarr follow a Duke Ellington composition and thought it to be a match made in music heaven.. Mozart, Ben Harper, Portishead Lee Perry.. they all work together..
it’s like music is a tree with a countless amount of branches of styles, born from eacho ther and growing onward together. Like reggae and punk in England. Like jazz and ska. Like dub, hip-hop and trip hop. 
Like symphonies and big band swing.. in my opinion they all go and grow together. See, i found good, real music, usually really just reflects an honest, real expression of people, and gives a glimpse, a vibe, into the everyday lives, feelings and thoughts of their Inner Soul. The complexities of life transformed into a tapestry of sound, recorded..

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