Aug 25, 2011

gregg green PLH video clip..Metaphysic dedication..

I remember seeing metaphysic at a party in Bushwick a little while back..and it had been a long time since we had met..or even talked..but we talked more often..usually at nightbecause he worked in the day and told me to reach him after 10pm or after work..when we talked our conversations we're generally filled with mutual respect and positivity..and talks about music..the game..and how much longer before being on..and building and focusing on feeding our family doing something we love..i miss him..a quiet force..vital like oxygen..personification of the joy and love of hip hop and music in of many royal energies that i have had the pleasure of experiencing and had the honor to work with in the underground..i mostly remember those one on one conversations..mostly over the phone..filled with joy humor and a deep sense of mutual respekt and appreciation..i remember we were shooting for the video..and loving having him there..he told me he really liked the song..from the first time he heard with tears in my eyes all i can do is dedicate it to him .. hoping he'll hear it..
yo meta .. i love you man..and i pray all is well with you..god bless

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