Mar 5, 2011

World Citzen physical cd's available on CDbaby

World Citzen physical cd's available on CDbaby

You like this link right?!
yeah we put it like that so you can't say that you missed it..
you would see that link on the highway..
matter fact come to think of it..
you ARE on a highway..

the "World Citizen" highway..direction straight ahead!!

Where the temperature starts off at a cozy 70 something degrees
and the steadily increases with every new song..

Soon you'll feel yourself bathing inside the warmth of the sounds and feel as if you're driving alongside the cools of the ocean blues
with your left arm outside the window (unless you happen to be driving in England)and the caress of the ocean breeze thru your hair..
becoming one with this cd to the point you don't want to listen to anything else..

(well..that's what we're going for over here.. :) )

yes..all these sensations were already available on the planet Itunes..


If you want to take it to the next level..(yeah there is one..there always is one..)
To the right..
on the next sphere over
there it is..




Covered in galactical plastic
by the hands of the most knowledgeable workers on planet cd baby..
Especially for YOU!!

nothing but the best
for the best..

Waiting for
the select few
worthy enuff..

up-on-it enuff..

down-wid-it enuff..

to recognize..

They will be there waiting for you and yours enjoyment..

get a load of the art work..the cd credits.. the graphics..

..the next level diamond cases..

WORLD CITIZEN physical cd's available on CDBABY

right now
as we tweet..

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