Feb 28, 2011

Today's forecast:Soundcloudy..

this just coming in

Free low hanging Soundclouds over Gregg Green's blog..
yes you heard it my peoples..
get your umbrella's ready

at Free ninety nine a piece..

What are soundclouds you say?

Soundclouds are pregnant bubbles of music..

in this case
good music..soothing like cooling april showers..
and or refreshing like summer rains

good music you, not too long ago
would have had to bootleg on your pc..
or record from your radio..
depending on how far back you wanna take it..

now here, today..
we don't only give you the 411 on these happenings..
we also share with you
a link for you to download the songs we're promoting..


Now on SoundCloud

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