Feb 28, 2011

Today's forecast:Soundcloudy..

this just coming in

Free low hanging Soundclouds over Gregg Green's blog..
yes you heard it my peoples..
get your umbrella's ready

at Free ninety nine a piece..

What are soundclouds you say?

Soundclouds are pregnant bubbles of music..

in this case
good music..soothing like cooling april showers..
and or refreshing like summer rains

good music you, not too long ago
would have had to bootleg on your pc..
or record from your radio..
depending on how far back you wanna take it..

now here, today..
we don't only give you the 411 on these happenings..
we also share with you
a link for you to download the songs we're promoting..


Now on SoundCloud

Feb 8, 2011

World Citizen Release..ALBUM OUT NOW!!

If you haven't been online in the last week..
you probably missed it..

if you've been ignoring Top Dutch radio station FunX
it could have passed you by..

if you ignored leading music sites Rapmusic.com and Quality Online
it might have went without notice to you


if you haven't..
you already know..

The album is out..
let me say it again


and this is how it looks on the outside..
yeah, i like it too..
i'm telling you
i got gifted people with me on this one..

After endless trips to the studio back and forth uptown and downtown nyc,
and countless custom made fried fish sandwiches with tarter and hot sauce and diet pepsi's later..

After fitting the right pics with the right backgrounds
and the right color scheme with the proper cd cases..

After the paper work and the processing of the cd thru all the proper channels..

Like this one for example


(Go Ahead..click on the link and enter the wonderful world of Itunes
where you will be able to conduct your exclusive and private listening session
of the World Citizen album)

..after all that..

Ladies and gentlemen..

I am pleased to be able to hip you with the news
that the "World Citizen" album
is indeed fully and completely finished..

Below, on the inside of the cd booklet,
you will find the tracklisting of the album,in other words,
the names of the songs and the artists on the songs:

Below: the art on the physical disc itself

I, here would like to take a moment
and really thank all the incredible people
who have helped make this dream come true for me

you know who you are..

may god bless you continually..
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