Jan 6, 2011

Just What The Docter Ordered..Audio-Pharmaceuticals

i see you
i know what you doin'..
you tryin' to not show it
you tryin' to hide it
but i know it..

the look in your eye is telling on you

You waiting for that new download..

and it's alright baby..
i said SOON..

it's coming

that next World Citizen remix
with the likes of supergifted musician/producer Teao
and turntable specialist dj Werd
from West coast Bay area and Berlin City..
listen closely as they squeeze out some of their skill on this
latin feel track
Teao the instruments..All instruments
Werd on the scratch..
yours truly
the vocalist MCee


giving you a dose of that musical aspirin that you need..
come and get it..
you'll feel better in an instant..

it's just what the docter ordered..

Jan 1, 2011

feeling you on that 2pac..

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