Aug 25, 2011

gregg green PLH video clip..Metaphysic dedication..

I remember seeing metaphysic at a party in Bushwick a little while back..and it had been a long time since we had met..or even talked..but we talked more often..usually at nightbecause he worked in the day and told me to reach him after 10pm or after work..when we talked our conversations we're generally filled with mutual respect and positivity..and talks about music..the game..and how much longer before being on..and building and focusing on feeding our family doing something we love..i miss him..a quiet force..vital like oxygen..personification of the joy and love of hip hop and music in of many royal energies that i have had the pleasure of experiencing and had the honor to work with in the underground..i mostly remember those one on one conversations..mostly over the phone..filled with joy humor and a deep sense of mutual respekt and appreciation..i remember we were shooting for the video..and loving having him there..he told me he really liked the song..from the first time he heard with tears in my eyes all i can do is dedicate it to him .. hoping he'll hear it..
yo meta .. i love you man..and i pray all is well with you..god bless

Jun 19, 2011

Rooftop Serenades Lyrics..

People keep expressin the need to examine my lyrics closely..
and since i'm not a politician, i have no major objections to close
scrutiny of my dialogue..
please checkem and enjoy..peace..

Chillin on the rooftops listenin to the wind
Thinkin about my life and my closest friends
Life is an ocean each moment a wave
Rooftops serenades
Chillin on the rooftops listenin to the wind
Thinkin about my life and all the places that I been
Life is an ocean each moment a wave
Rooftops serenades

I travel thru my mind think on things that I been thru
Memories in my heart live deep in my sinews
Early home strife suffocatin like a noose
We didn’t know peace we just knew truce
Swerving on the cycle of abuse
Tryina keep the peace where we from it ain’t no use
If you know about us then u know how we do
Shoutin starts in the house ends up on the stoop
Pots flyin screamin cryin
Couldn’t say I love you less we first done fightin
Same time neighbours throwin mud on our clothes line
Shootin verbal bullets bussin back when they pull it
“Nigga, why ain’t you on a plantation?!”
I told em “cause your girl just love my sensation!”
Racist muthafucka’s just couldn’t figga
Moma white livin alone with three lil’ nigga’s..

Chillin on the rooftops listenin to the wind
Thinkin about my life and my closest friends
Life is an ocean each moment a wave
Rooftops serenades

To my homiez we peoples for life
Sometimes we on that dumb shit and we start to strife
But check it love is stronger than pride
And I don even wanna imagine livin without you by my side
And you knockin on my door we chillin on the ledge
Lookin out the window as we watch the clouds pass
Listenin to you closely when you feelin in despair
You givin me advice showin that you care
Family is a gift friendships are a blessin
Holdin church in the booth these my truest confessions
Remember when u told me ‘bout your first true love
Smiling as you said that you couldn’t get enuff of
The brown tone melanin of your girl’s skin
Yeah man I remember all those things
Remember home from the party late night stumbelin’
They like “Yo be quiet, man..”we all buss out laughin..

Standin on the rooftop forty in my hand
On my own thing spittin blues to the wind
Summatime ballantine ghetto wine feelin fine
Peace a mind puffin la starin at the skyline
Inhale close my eyes and zone
Inside music I roam
Inside music I’m home
Everywhere I look is a poem
Diggin on the grooves and the moods and what not..
Little kids double dutch jump shots and hot spots
Barbeques in parkin lots nigga’s hustle non stop
Getting doe duckin five o shots on my block
Lounge on the stoop drinkin hendawg while sinkin inside the beats
Thinkin about callin that sweet taste a chocolate
That get em open like alcohol
The one ain’t got no problem letting the lace skirt fall at all

Listenin to the wind
Thinkin bout my life and all the places that I been
life is an ocean each moment a wave

Life’s a journey I stay on my mission
Listen ain’t no empty wishin
Pops moms was a writer spent her life in the kitchen
Makin sure to leave her children in a better position
Told my pops “Use what you got, to get what you need, fulfill destiny”
That’s my legacy, so when he talk I heed, walk the walk in deed, some just don’t see..
Dues paid, still blues stay,
Makin somethin’ outta nothing somehow someway
I got homies that say ”you need to be broke and get played to break thru and get paid”
God gave me this gift it’s the reason I use it
If a nigga wanna pay me for my music then I choose it..
Call it what you want..”Sellout!..Greed!..”
How can I sell out when I’m bein’ true to me?!

Mar 30, 2011

On The Road Again Remix Lyrics..

yo, i hit the ground runnin' told my peoples i was coming
growth ain't stuntin' nah we always into sumthin'
connected by our lovin' for the music and the conscious
thuggin' it and strugglin' and nah promote no nonsense
catch a bus at night got Berlin in my sight
got a show out there tonight and you know the vibe is tight
lotsa beer lotsa wine people feelin' fine
steady on the grind puttin' tingles in ya spine
style free like a hippie in and out like a quickie
people that's with me can't believe it like ripley
but i'm always on the move next city next groove
style gritty an smooth kinda like my Nike shoes
Paris city scene like other lands i seen
steady hustle for the cream supplyin' for the feigns
let me show you what i mean me and the beat double team
sow it like a seam i go by the name of Green

we on the road again
come thru and bring a friend
we in town for a spin
and we gone with the wind
break a dawn till daybreak
shit shower shave and we on our way

yo im strollin thru the Dam i got my chip card ready
about to go n meet fam they got a pot of food ready
remeniscin in the dark about kissin in the park
blunts we used to spark sharin dreams in our hearts
yo we all just work hard to keep afloat like arcs
do well and make our mark that's why this nigga play the harp
laughin and we drinkin and we talkin and we thinkin
relaxin while into the beats we sinkin
no stress no problems no liquor filled drama
just red red wine and a little marijuana
ain't a dam thing changed since old times
it's like that fam thing same like old wine
but yo gotta go gotta make the night shine
playin sweet soul music mixin' pleasure with the grind

yo we on the road again
come thru and bring a friend
we in town for a spin
and we gone with the wind
break a dawn till daybreak
shit shower shave and we on our way

we hold a freestyle session cypher manifestin
deliverin the lessons sendin blessings to the essence
when the beat drop you know i won't stop
givin props to my block showin love to my pops
makin sure to make a stop to where he droppin his chops
he know to steal the show go head call the cops
you 'bout to enter the house that pops built
where they cookin' it up like a fire and a grill
with desire and skill stayin true to the guild
playin what he feel yo the nigga ill
with dedication and will he show me the deal
when you doin what you love passion pay the bills
thats why we do our thing all the world over
spreadin the word like we work for Jehovah
plug in yo speakers put on your headphones
close your eyelids get in a zone

Mar 18, 2011

Here Are The "World Citizen" Album Lyrics

A few people have asked me
to write out the lyrics to the songs on the World Citizen album..
Them asking that took me back
to when i used to listen to records
while reading along with the lyrics on the sleeve
or on the inside record cover..youknow the thin paper one that had the vinyl in it....

Anyway,i like the request and i am happy to oblige


Turn around
don't let your love go down
come back home
to your baby
you travellin'
but they don't understand no
can't you see
where you got to be

you gotto have
peace love and harmony
if you wanna live
in joy and unity

to each his own
but it ain't always good to be alone no
got to have togetherness
if you wanna stand strong
need some understanding
a place where you belong
no it don't matter where you from
when love is your home


Tell me what you want from me
tell me what you want
tell me what you want from me

you keep lyin'
swear you tellin the truth
you keep lyin'
and i got proof
too many faces
look our way
too many people
got somethin' to say
maybe you know why
they silent when i walk by

too many faces look our way
no matter how you try to put it
you keep playin' games

tell me what you want from me
tell me what you want
tell me what you want from me

first you wanna go
run to your friend
now you wanna come and run to me
the humble one might be a bully
things ain't all care free

too many excuses
means you told a lie
you keep lyin

the old folks say
when there's smoke there's fire
too many people got somethin' to say

keep on playin' games..

3.Come with me and surrender

your body
and your energy
it speaks to me
and i feel
the way you feelin' me

they call us weird
but i feel safe to know
that we're together
so let them fade slow,
fade slow..

take a seat
on this cloud of joy
let it all out
it's the heaven
we've been waiting for
no doubt

it's the mystery
that is making way for our reality
and misery
is now only a fallacy


everybody's lost
livin in a bubble
can't pay the cost

wanna show compassion
but i got no money to spend
can't trust strangers
and i don't trust friends

never belonged
since i was young
coulda give in
but god kept me strong

never had plenty
but i know we had enuff
love carried us through
when times got ruff

daddy work all night
moma slave all day
working so hard
can't get no pay

that's why i gotta go
no i can't stay
make a better way
for my family

everybody's lost
livin in a bubble
can't pay the cost

just a simple man
flesh and bone
mission in life
puttin' god on his throne

things ain't never easy
but i know i'm not alone
love in my heart
i am always home

never belonged
since i was young
coulda give in
but god kept me strong

never had plenty
but i know we had enuff
love carried us through
when times got ruff

6.On the road again

Born in a old town
soulful like Motown
took my first steps
went on covered mo' ground
that is the place where i came to be
mama was a free soul
too hard to control
poppa was a jazz cat
can't tell em shit black
been there he did that
known for his knit hats
deep soul warm sound
good mood stern frown
fried chicken dish
was the fingerlickingest
nigga throw down
can i get a witness?!
strong wills get pissed
ego's get dissed
shattered every glass
but they never used fists
loud scream late nights
broke glass hate fights
too much strife
in this lil' nigga homelife
packed my bags
peeped my own life
on the horizon
spent some time in
Amsterdam vibin'
stopped to get high
drink some wine and
now i'm ridin'
hopped on the night train
destination Paris
despite strugglin'
true love there is
j'aime Paris comment Alpha Blondy
j'habitait sur Meaux-Esbly
french girls say:"ooh la oui oui"
when they see your boy in 3D
somewhere in the cut
me and my peeps
drinkin' huit-six
in the back city streets
posted on the stairwell
clowin' and chillin'
when i had to say farewell
my homies started illin'
from Paris to Hawaii
Mililani to Waikiki
Waipahu to Makiki
orange sun
deep blue sea
chillin' in the breeze
on a soft summer eve
coolin' with my peeps
all along Ewa beach
vibin' to groove
fell in love with the beats
and the coconut trees
and the white sandy beach
listen to the music
and the Rastaman teach
next stop on my route
east coast city streets
workin' hustlin'
strugglin' strivin'
on a hot block
nigga's sell rock
nigga's get knocked
by the dope spot
that shit's not hot
bullshit don't stop
told me "get a craft
if you wanna be on top"
music my mistress
God as my witness
saviour in distress
family business
all around the city
with my all star crew
rock coast to coast
you know how we do
doin' our thing
all the world over
spreadin' the word
like we workin' for Jehovah
plug in yo speakers
put on your headphones
close your eyelids
get in a zone

7.I Promise

I talked to God at a time of day
when the moon and sun become one
my eyes touched the horizon
and i cried for the beauty of His love
He made me remember things
I thought I had forgot
made me remember things
my soul knew were true
the sadness of my unseen wounds
the dying memory of me
inside you
His hands of beauty holding me in place
showing me a peace i never knew

you keep asking me for love
you keep crying like i know

and I promise never to cry
and I promise never to ask why

well i asked Him about the need for misery
could i ever get used to
the road that forever bends
could ever get used to
joy turnin' to sorrow in the end

and He whispered
that when I learned to see
life would no longer be a mystery

well I fought and I almost died
to keep my soul alive
and I promise never to cry
and I promise never to ask why

and you keep asking me for love
and you keep crying like i know

8.I dunno

Everywhere you go
people are fighting
one wanna kill the other
not uniting

I don't understand

didn't your moma
raise you better than that
didn't someone care for you
didn't have to do that

even if you don't know your poppa
you got your holy father
you are so blessed to be alive
why create a bother

so many good souls
down in the ground
so many good souls
never again around

I don't understand

now you grow to be a man
and see the wrongs you did
so many lives wasted
what you gonna tell your kids

9.Stay true

I used to roam, "God bless the child that got his own"
came to understand Billie's words as i got a bit more grown
it's like you know a million people but you still out on your own
equal to a king that got a throne but ain't got no home
got to be clever in your endeavors but you what's even better's
bein' true to who you are and work to get yourself together
ain't nothing much worse, they put you last, you put them first
and now you feeling low in worth cause you know there's more that you deserve
yeah I know boo, people can surprise you
but you can't change human nature like you can't make lies true
and if you gonna be true to someone be it to you
and when the road gets hard just ask God to see you thru
I been around people spendin' time playin' games
but the rent is due and I know I can't pay it on spare change
be true to yourself take care of your wealth
stay true to your soul and let God be in control

you got to be true to yourself
can't let nobody take your wealth
you got to be true to your soul
can't let nobody take control

some people always want but never wanna work for it
and yet they still put up a front like they really deserve it
I remember the times when Guru talked to me
both thru the speakers and in person his words were prophesy
told me "Follow true dreams,make them reality
don't let nobody stand in the way of what makes you happy
so many that's miserable wanna share their misery
my advice to is go and find some better company
I been around nay sayin' has beens quarte hearted half friends
with their little remarks so called truths and snappy off handed comments
eroders of peace of mind joy beauty and innocence
accentuaters of negatives and sowers of pestilence
i was taught be courteous to who ever you meet
one life one love but respect is a two way street
you got to be true to yourself don't let no one take your wealth
you got to be true to your soul don't let no one take control

10.World Citizen

on all sides of the fence
people misunderstand
too many ways we offend
even brothers cant be friends
arguin and fightin over silly things
oh no no no
its time to let go of your arguments
instead of critisizing
speak confidence
instead of makin em feel low
breed competence
why dontcha
roll up your sleeves and lend a hand
there is work to be done
so do what you can
yeah i know we can win
if we work together it wont be no thing
instead of living in fear
i know we can sing
instead of witnessing tears
yo we can bring
upliftment to the world that we ling in
one people one
life world citizen

been around the world
and i seen some things
and every place aint so diferent
we all got wants and we needs some things
one people one life
world citizens

i been around the world
and i seen some things
and every place aint so diferent
we all got wants and we needs some things
one people one life

thru out every age
and each generation
we got mountains to climb
obstacles we facin
on every side of life
we face accusation
white man got no soul
and black man cant lead a nation
women cant show tears
without causing a sensation
all that we doing
is increasing frustration
too many stereotypes
we be givin in to
a box is not for souls
to be living in no
sometimes you gotta let go
of what you know
and have faith in the road
even when the progress is slow
march to the beat of your own drum
follow your heart
sing your own song
share your voice with the world
that we ling in
one love one life
workld citizen

12. Never Forget

I could never forget
The wailings and the moans
Of our people in the belly
Stolen from their home

I could never forget
Where we come from
We are royalty
Gods daughters and sons

Got to teach our children
Who they really are
Part of this universe
Like the moon and stars

How we gonna unite
When all we do is fight
How we gonna make peace
When none listens to our plight

I could never forget
The jewish holocaust
Ethnic cleansing no
Violation natures laws

They said we could never forget
But it seems we have forgotten
It happened again
what they said would never happen

Miss Kai Wakeling:

Created for love
still making so much war
we're busy tring to store
more and more
we soon forget what we're living for

but i could never forget
my brothers and sisters who gave their lives
fighting for freedom
and the right to live
as we decide

i could never forget
all of their fighting
fighting and killing
the guns are exploding
Yah Yah send us your healing
if our minds open
and our hearts are willing
when do we learn

How we gonna unite
When all we do is fight
How we gonna make peace
When none listens to our plight

lyrics to world citizen song

Mar 5, 2011

World Citzen physical cd's available on CDbaby

World Citzen physical cd's available on CDbaby

You like this link right?!
yeah we put it like that so you can't say that you missed it..
you would see that link on the highway..
matter fact come to think of it..
you ARE on a highway..

the "World Citizen" highway..direction straight ahead!!

Where the temperature starts off at a cozy 70 something degrees
and the steadily increases with every new song..

Soon you'll feel yourself bathing inside the warmth of the sounds and feel as if you're driving alongside the cools of the ocean blues
with your left arm outside the window (unless you happen to be driving in England)and the caress of the ocean breeze thru your hair..
becoming one with this cd to the point you don't want to listen to anything else..

(well..that's what we're going for over here.. :) )

yes..all these sensations were already available on the planet Itunes..


If you want to take it to the next level..(yeah there is one..there always is one..)
To the right..
on the next sphere over
there it is..




Covered in galactical plastic
by the hands of the most knowledgeable workers on planet cd baby..
Especially for YOU!!

nothing but the best
for the best..

Waiting for
the select few
worthy enuff..

up-on-it enuff..

down-wid-it enuff..

to recognize..

They will be there waiting for you and yours enjoyment..

get a load of the art work..the cd credits.. the graphics..

..the next level diamond cases..

WORLD CITIZEN physical cd's available on CDBABY

right now
as we tweet..

Feb 28, 2011

Today's forecast:Soundcloudy..

this just coming in

Free low hanging Soundclouds over Gregg Green's blog..
yes you heard it my peoples..
get your umbrella's ready

at Free ninety nine a piece..

What are soundclouds you say?

Soundclouds are pregnant bubbles of music..

in this case
good music..soothing like cooling april showers..
and or refreshing like summer rains

good music you, not too long ago
would have had to bootleg on your pc..
or record from your radio..
depending on how far back you wanna take it..

now here, today..
we don't only give you the 411 on these happenings..
we also share with you
a link for you to download the songs we're promoting..


Now on SoundCloud

Feb 8, 2011

World Citizen Release..ALBUM OUT NOW!!

If you haven't been online in the last week..
you probably missed it..

if you've been ignoring Top Dutch radio station FunX
it could have passed you by..

if you ignored leading music sites and Quality Online
it might have went without notice to you


if you haven't..
you already know..

The album is out..
let me say it again


and this is how it looks on the outside..
yeah, i like it too..
i'm telling you
i got gifted people with me on this one..

After endless trips to the studio back and forth uptown and downtown nyc,
and countless custom made fried fish sandwiches with tarter and hot sauce and diet pepsi's later..

After fitting the right pics with the right backgrounds
and the right color scheme with the proper cd cases..

After the paper work and the processing of the cd thru all the proper channels..

Like this one for example


(Go on the link and enter the wonderful world of Itunes
where you will be able to conduct your exclusive and private listening session
of the World Citizen album)

..after all that..

Ladies and gentlemen..

I am pleased to be able to hip you with the news
that the "World Citizen" album
is indeed fully and completely finished..

Below, on the inside of the cd booklet,
you will find the tracklisting of the album,in other words,
the names of the songs and the artists on the songs:

Below: the art on the physical disc itself

I, here would like to take a moment
and really thank all the incredible people
who have helped make this dream come true for me

you know who you are..

may god bless you continually..

Jan 6, 2011

Just What The Docter Ordered..Audio-Pharmaceuticals

i see you
i know what you doin'..
you tryin' to not show it
you tryin' to hide it
but i know it..

the look in your eye is telling on you

You waiting for that new download..

and it's alright baby..
i said SOON..

it's coming

that next World Citizen remix
with the likes of supergifted musician/producer Teao
and turntable specialist dj Werd
from West coast Bay area and Berlin City..
listen closely as they squeeze out some of their skill on this
latin feel track
Teao the instruments..All instruments
Werd on the scratch..
yours truly
the vocalist MCee


giving you a dose of that musical aspirin that you need..
come and get it..
you'll feel better in an instant..

it's just what the docter ordered..

Jan 1, 2011

feeling you on that 2pac..

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