Sep 12, 2010


whats good my good peoples
so finally the time has come to reveal to you my secret

here it is..

after a summer
of going back and forth to the studio
and working together
with engineer extraordinaire
Mr. Artem Kulakov

I am pleased to tell you
that we are in the final stages of completing..

my first full length solo project


after years of putting in work,
featuring on various artists' projects
while at the same time
sidelining with different
talented acts and artists
around the city,
along the east and west coast,
Europe and Japan,

I am happy to be able
to let you know
that my first official solo release is here..


on the album
you the listener
will find
a collection of works
from the last two years
works inspired by my personal journey and insights
combined with elements of musical styles
ranging from reggae to jazz blues hip hop and folk

the album's official release date is set for spring
accompanied by a release party in its honor
however, it WILL be available for download before that time

the date of the release party
as well as the date
the album will become available for download
will be announced

meanwhile as a gift
and a special thank you
to all the people
that have been telling me
how much they appreciated the music
i've been putting out over the years,
who in doing so
have inspired me to keep putting out more,

to them
and to all who have supported me so far

i will be making available for free download
remixes of some of the songs off the album,
up until the day of the official album release date in spring
so look out for that

i want to take a moment to give special thanx
to all the people who helped work on the album
and who
thru their dedication
loving attention
and amazing talents
have lifted this project
to a level it otherwise
would not have seen

a special shout goes to
Artem Kulakov

all i can say is
Thank you man

for your tireless energy and talent
that i am truly indebted to you

and say congrats to you as well man..
i know this is your first one too!!

and to Sir Larry MacDonald for his continuing guidance
and welcoming spirit..
and for allowing me to dream..

god bless
and thank him
who without
none of this would have been possible..

i hope you enjoy the works
as much as i do sharing them..

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