Sep 18, 2010

a swingin' affair

so checkitout man..

so the idea was to hook up with miss 6x today
if you not familiar with her
you will be
very much worth it to check out
her music
and persona
like an alicia keys of mc-ing
emailed me this week to let me know she was in town
and automatically im thinking
i GOT to have her on one of the remixes im doin' right ?!
called her
she said she down
long story short
today's the day

we meet on columbus circle
shoot up town
she wrote the verse and delivered it
all together inside an hour
plus added a lil' something to one of the other trax on the album
i love it..

all the work
without the distractions..
so yess
i am happy to say
today was a good day..

oh oh
did i just do that?!
yess i guess i did
well then
since im not at liberty to play you the finished mix of the miss 6x yet..

why not a classic for the road..


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