Sep 9, 2010

soon baby soon..

yo i went to the dentist today..
don't ask!!
i'll tell :)
yo my dude is the chillest dentist man..
i heard music in the back ground right
he ask me what kinda music i like..
im like well..i like anything from jazz rap reggae pop..
he say yo
you down with listenin to some brd and dizzy?!
im like yes..
he put on the station
live internet radio by topic you can choose
we rockin to this beautifull music man..
so nice
wanted to share that..

oh, about the surprise secret??..
not yet baby not yet
but soon..
i can give you another hint though..
im workin on it night and day ;)..
stay tunes
imma let you know over the weekend yo..

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