Sep 10, 2010

something i wrote

higher grounds

the night became an escape

starin at the ceilin feelin the hate

tears rollin down my sister's face

quietly whisperin, it'll be okay

the loudness increase climax release

feet stumble down stairs, our bodies freeze

lookin at eachother and thru the door crack

at the yellow light shinin from where the war's at

silence.. even more scary that..

it's real now, daddy's gone..

where he went to, none of us knew

gone for so long, we eventually became used to

not having him around. still missed the sound of

his voice and the love in his music

if he had chosen to stay, our parents love would have abused it

or would it..was it love or was that just what we called it

see over time love reminds me that love is kind, could it

be that what we called love was something else entirely

some strange thing laced with anger and jealousy

something that would cease to exist when set free..

but one needs peace to see clearly, resist and let be.

so now the storm is gone but there is not yet calm

i see vivid as day the wooden necklace sway

carved by fate like her face by tears

and the sadness that has become my mom

in that place where love lost its way.

i've lived long enuff to witness regrets expressed,

they say when you fail once you study harder for the next big test,

with us, not so


hold on more before we let go

seem to find it close to impossible to say sorry

eventhough sorry is how we feel and we all know


make way for higher grounds..

i remember happiness, my father cleaning

the valves of his trumpet, playing

closing his eyes as if dreaming

new sounds all around put there to protect us

spiritually, as if the sound there was an energy

stronger than any negativity..

i guess he knew we needed it, cause while they did

the fear anger and hatred did not quit,

we went thru more confusion and bullshit

attempted suicide and false pride,

moma liquor pourin' claim she not an alcoholic

cause she never drinks before four,

never wakes up before three

drinkin' alone in the dark watchin' t.v.

but no

no judgment from me cause see

everybody got their own way of feelin' free..

somebody told me

god's orbit is different from man

that's why we have to leave this realm to understand

i chose sound to take me to higher grounds

call me a travelling man..

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