Sep 22, 2010

something i wrote.. before Obama became pres..

Somewhere a mother cries

cause she cant feed her children,

while we taste the salty lies

of greedy politicians.

Meanwhile her children are dying for real.

A slow process.

Painfull like torture.

Painfull like hopeless tears.

Weary are her emotions, and feelings of hopelessness arise,

while we vote between tyrants, that send children to wars to die.

Peace for the government is not an option, cause peace doesnt make cents..

never did they intent to reason for a solution,

what would you do if someone declared war on you?!

if the foot was in the other shoe.

It aint nothing new.

We got many wars to learn from;

world war two,


Still we send kids to die by bombs.

To get murdered by guns,

coming home with missing legs and arms..

Where are we supposed to get our belief from in these so called leaders,

do they even heed us?

Seems like we can only pray that one day,

tables will turn and from our ways we learn.

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