Sep 15, 2010

my pops and the crown prinsess

my pops is a busy man
half the time i'm not even sure what that man's doin'
but i love em
and i know em
and i know he's a good man
and that he makes me proud
and what i know about him
is that music and god is nr 1 in his life
that love for music
is a journey that has taken him from lonely to all other walks of life
including intense joy
he's played for heads of states
including mr.mandela
and apparently along the way
just this week
for the crown prinsess of holland
nice one pops
you go boy!!

i wanna give thanx to mr.young tchong
long time friend of the family
for sending me the article..
hope all is well with you baby..
thanx man..

just to be sure for all y'all not knowing
my pops is the black man with the horn
behind the white lady
sittin' at the piano
on the right of the page
thought i'd let you know..

aaight then..
got some more pics of my pops chillin' with miss maxima
compliments again of our family friend
mr.Young Tchong
thanx again man..

hey pops..

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How cool is that!!! Big shout out to yo Pops! Hollaaaa... Fi

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