Sep 24, 2010

old bottles

pops and i talk on the phone
frequently frequently as time allows
its kinda been that way since i was younger
and my parents split up
that way he was still around
that way he was always there for me
youknow besides being there in person also..
allotta things i picked up in those conversations

this next poem stems from one of those talx
we were reasoning on the difference
and similarities in generations
and both came to the conclusion that
things remain pretty much the same
just the times change
and he told me about a project he was doing
or a group he was part of
called, you guessed it

'old wine,'new bottles'

and we kinda just discussed me writing a piece on it..
so i did
here goes..

old wine, new bottles
like old gunz,
with new bullets of wisdom.
old work
new funds.
new artists
old concepts.

find it in the things you see
the way we be..
like how
girls holler
the same way they mothers did,
back in the day.

A new world of family coming together
behind the lights and fame.
slightly different,
mostly the same.

Ain't nothing new,
the faces changed
but the spirit remains.
like the name.
charlie or eric.

like cotton
is the same fabric,
brandname or generic.

we the seeds
coming from heaven.
a spiritual breed.
coming from the country and streets..
like weeds do
thru the concrete.
in need of enlightenment
just the same
as the sun needs rain
to become renewed and born again..

new raps same meaning
like coltrane and chuck d
on a non-compromising soultrane,
fighting for our right to LOVE:
the bass-bottomline
to our atmosphere.


and channeling
what our foreparents say

like back in the day..

likewise smooth

etching new grooves
in new
rugged terrains

testing the borders

feeding the brain

of people
with similar souls
that come from
similar hoods
and go to
similar schools
and learn to become
similar fools.

yet learn the ways of life
thru similar rules

of power.

love and respect.

learn that money
is the difference
between love and neglect.

Ain't much changed
no more noose around the necks in the trees
but people still fighting for equality.

they got the noose around the necks of the microphone,
around the freedom of speech.

in the way
the rap game changed.

stolen by the industry.

is the way
they divided and tried to conquer
previous generations,

the same.

like jazz.
like us.



we bebopped on drugs and hard liqour
later we hip-hop' on crack and malt liqour.
born as kings with roots in royalty
still treated like niggers..

who we are is what we express to be
come out on top,
stay alive despite killing cops on our blox,
new bottles old wine..

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