Sep 7, 2010

my boombox

im lookin at her
quietly sitting there
in the corner
i gotta be on my way
but my heart goes in slo mo
as i start to think of the many memories we shared
and she was right there
playing soft songs in the deep of night
making me feel alright
she was there when i finished my first demo
and i played it for my sis to hear over the phone
she was there to keep me company
when i felt alone.
adorned her with stickers from my crew
wrote on her "peace hip hop, i love you".
'member she was a conversation starter on the train
used to hold her close and hug her
made me feel good like nothing could
can't count the joints we played together
sober.. blurred..
too many memories to mention
and here now
i'm holding her
slowly walking down steps
onto the outside courtyard
setting her down..
looking at her one last time,
observing her as she stands there proudly
i know she wont be there by dark..
secretly i hope someone will take her and cherish her
even if only her radio function works..
some people still listen to radio right?!
i pray she'll be alright
maybe help some lonely body thru the night..
this one's for my beloved boombox..
baby imma miss you
baby you rock..

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