Sep 17, 2010


eversince i first stepped foot on the grounds
close to the waters of her harbor
she has had a special place in my heart.
one of my fondest memories is falling asleep
to the sound of the meditarranen waters
bouncing against the walls in the room
with the open window i was sleeping in..
and in the day time swimming in the waters
a couple hundred yards from that same apartment,
the weather so warm windy and nice
that i could use my boxers as swimtrunks
and wear em under my jeans later
and having em dry before dinner..


where i was introduced to linton kwesi johnson..
where i remember evenings by the sea
sitting in the breeze
and just feeling at peace..
late nights
and just zonin'
with others
as well as on my own.
i could go on
but the rest is also in this song..

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