Sep 30, 2010

mozart yess

Sep 29, 2010

sade time

sometimes you wanna come home
and just relax
you know just getaway from the stress of the day and jus..
jus chill..
thats when you call on sade..
and forever beautiful..

and im puttin' this in there cause i always thought this was a beautiful song..
please enjoy

Sep 27, 2010

beautiful..victor jara

i love this man's music..
my pops shared this with me when i was younger..
one of my favorites since..
please enjoy..

Sep 26, 2010

extra extra read all about it..

so if i could
i would
show you all
(the good :)
pictures at least
but i don't have em on me..

had my first official
album cover-and-press-kit-foto shoot today
was dope
this very talented photographer

gabriel amauru
please check em out

who also happens to be one of my peoples
got it done yo!!
thats all i can say..
so thats what i wanted to share with you this evenin'
lookin' forward to show you all em..

hope y'all had a good weekend

Sep 25, 2010

marvin gaye..who you know do it like that?!

this is the national anthem..

the national anthem people!!

this man's too smooth..

even make the national song sound like you wanna 'get it on' to it :)

Sep 24, 2010

old bottles

pops and i talk on the phone
frequently frequently as time allows
its kinda been that way since i was younger
and my parents split up
that way he was still around
that way he was always there for me
youknow besides being there in person also..
allotta things i picked up in those conversations

this next poem stems from one of those talx
we were reasoning on the difference
and similarities in generations
and both came to the conclusion that
things remain pretty much the same
just the times change
and he told me about a project he was doing
or a group he was part of
called, you guessed it

'old wine,'new bottles'

and we kinda just discussed me writing a piece on it..
so i did
here goes..

old wine, new bottles
like old gunz,
with new bullets of wisdom.
old work
new funds.
new artists
old concepts.

find it in the things you see
the way we be..
like how
girls holler
the same way they mothers did,
back in the day.

A new world of family coming together
behind the lights and fame.
slightly different,
mostly the same.

Ain't nothing new,
the faces changed
but the spirit remains.
like the name.
charlie or eric.

like cotton
is the same fabric,
brandname or generic.

we the seeds
coming from heaven.
a spiritual breed.
coming from the country and streets..
like weeds do
thru the concrete.
in need of enlightenment
just the same
as the sun needs rain
to become renewed and born again..

new raps same meaning
like coltrane and chuck d
on a non-compromising soultrane,
fighting for our right to LOVE:
the bass-bottomline
to our atmosphere.


and channeling
what our foreparents say

like back in the day..

likewise smooth

etching new grooves
in new
rugged terrains

testing the borders

feeding the brain

of people
with similar souls
that come from
similar hoods
and go to
similar schools
and learn to become
similar fools.

yet learn the ways of life
thru similar rules

of power.

love and respect.

learn that money
is the difference
between love and neglect.

Ain't much changed
no more noose around the necks in the trees
but people still fighting for equality.

they got the noose around the necks of the microphone,
around the freedom of speech.

in the way
the rap game changed.

stolen by the industry.

is the way
they divided and tried to conquer
previous generations,

the same.

like jazz.
like us.



we bebopped on drugs and hard liqour
later we hip-hop' on crack and malt liqour.
born as kings with roots in royalty
still treated like niggers..

who we are is what we express to be
come out on top,
stay alive despite killing cops on our blox,
new bottles old wine..

Sep 23, 2010 japanese..

a little while ago
i did this song
'waltz for daydreams'
with mr. kenichiro nishihara
and i realized
that most of the people listening to him
are japanese
so i had this idea
to translate the lyrics for them
in their mother tongue
so they could better understand
what i am saying in the song..

the lyrics of this song
are the same as the lyrics on 'daydreams'
with sotu the traveller
i hope you will find this usefull

i would now like to thank miho for her efforts
i really appreciate it..


不調和とロイヤル感の反発が頭の中で雑草が成長するように妨げ 頭の中の警察を探そうとしている
コントロールとパトロールがオレには出来ないと言っているが 神がもし試したら出来る事を示しているのを知っている
うれし涙の様に流れたり 何も無くてもハイになれる
アームストロングは知っていた やるしかないと
オイルやジェルでセットされた髪の様に余裕のある人々の事を気にしていなくても 楽器を演奏し始める事によって神が降りて来て口を通じ出る
それがスローブルースの様にピースフルに 傷つけるのではなく心地よくさせてくれる
本を読めば現実を離れ 会話を聞けば耳を盗まれる

アンダーグラウンドの奥深くから来る音と詩が宇宙にまで広がり 私達の声と拳で感じて聞いてもらいたい

i dig this this..dig it..

Sep 22, 2010

something i wrote.. before Obama became pres..

Somewhere a mother cries

cause she cant feed her children,

while we taste the salty lies

of greedy politicians.

Meanwhile her children are dying for real.

A slow process.

Painfull like torture.

Painfull like hopeless tears.

Weary are her emotions, and feelings of hopelessness arise,

while we vote between tyrants, that send children to wars to die.

Peace for the government is not an option, cause peace doesnt make cents..

never did they intent to reason for a solution,

what would you do if someone declared war on you?!

if the foot was in the other shoe.

It aint nothing new.

We got many wars to learn from;

world war two,


Still we send kids to die by bombs.

To get murdered by guns,

coming home with missing legs and arms..

Where are we supposed to get our belief from in these so called leaders,

do they even heed us?

Seems like we can only pray that one day,

tables will turn and from our ways we learn.

Sep 20, 2010

bredren yo thang!!

oh..most definately..chillin' in heaven..

go'head an do yo thing..

Sep 19, 2010

question..which one should i choose?!

so im doin' inventory..
so my idea is this
imma do my very own polling
and ask you
the readers of this blog to give me your honest opinion..

my first inventory question
im thinking of putting images on t shirts for sale..
i just need to find out what my peoples like
so here goes
two samples of possible t-shirt prints..
please lemme know

this is a pic of my little sister

this is a pic of yours true..

y'all can start givin' your opinions ....


Sep 18, 2010

a swingin' affair

so checkitout man..

so the idea was to hook up with miss 6x today
if you not familiar with her
you will be
very much worth it to check out
her music
and persona
like an alicia keys of mc-ing
emailed me this week to let me know she was in town
and automatically im thinking
i GOT to have her on one of the remixes im doin' right ?!
called her
she said she down
long story short
today's the day

we meet on columbus circle
shoot up town
she wrote the verse and delivered it
all together inside an hour
plus added a lil' something to one of the other trax on the album
i love it..

all the work
without the distractions..
so yess
i am happy to say
today was a good day..

oh oh
did i just do that?!
yess i guess i did
well then
since im not at liberty to play you the finished mix of the miss 6x yet..

why not a classic for the road..


Sep 17, 2010

dig it..the coup


eversince i first stepped foot on the grounds
close to the waters of her harbor
she has had a special place in my heart.
one of my fondest memories is falling asleep
to the sound of the meditarranen waters
bouncing against the walls in the room
with the open window i was sleeping in..
and in the day time swimming in the waters
a couple hundred yards from that same apartment,
the weather so warm windy and nice
that i could use my boxers as swimtrunks
and wear em under my jeans later
and having em dry before dinner..


where i was introduced to linton kwesi johnson..
where i remember evenings by the sea
sitting in the breeze
and just feeling at peace..
late nights
and just zonin'
with others
as well as on my own.
i could go on
but the rest is also in this song..

Sep 15, 2010

my pops and the crown prinsess

my pops is a busy man
half the time i'm not even sure what that man's doin'
but i love em
and i know em
and i know he's a good man
and that he makes me proud
and what i know about him
is that music and god is nr 1 in his life
that love for music
is a journey that has taken him from lonely to all other walks of life
including intense joy
he's played for heads of states
including mr.mandela
and apparently along the way
just this week
for the crown prinsess of holland
nice one pops
you go boy!!

i wanna give thanx to mr.young tchong
long time friend of the family
for sending me the article..
hope all is well with you baby..
thanx man..

just to be sure for all y'all not knowing
my pops is the black man with the horn
behind the white lady
sittin' at the piano
on the right of the page
thought i'd let you know..

aaight then..
got some more pics of my pops chillin' with miss maxima
compliments again of our family friend
mr.Young Tchong
thanx again man..

hey pops..

Sep 14, 2010

checkit.. LKJ!!


dreamy clouds pass along blue skies.
a little too fast.
for the children that play they make way.

and without weight
memories are made
in front of grim buildings.

like a smile in night.

like a bright warm sun in a dark sky.

like branches by leaves embraced.


they provide shade.

protect from night.

and give way.

u n i

tried to run from the shadows.
like righteous thieves
have tried to run from the gallows.
by squeezing rays of joy
from a hopeless existence.

and just like we knew they would
the shadows grew bigger.
and just like we knew we would
we paid a price.

scratching our names.

crooked shaped hearts.

inside trees.

yet over time
these warm memories grew dry

and old.

and hard

and fragile

and cold.

and before long.

chopped them down.

in my heart they remain



and unchanged.


sometimes i look back
and see walls
once bright red
even in the shade
turn gray
before my eyes.
before the wind blows softly again.

gently carrying memories
for the future to hold..

roots feat. cube.. dope!!

Sep 13, 2010

thank u!!

i wanna take a little time to give thanx
for all the beautiful responses
ive gotten today in response to yesterdays blog post..
more than expected really
nevertheless all of em very welcome off course
glad to see my excitement is shared :)
hope to see you at the opening party in spring
and for now
please stay tuned in wait for the release of the album
and viewing of the album cover..

oh right..
yeah that's coming too
i can tell you
the way it's looking now
it's promising to be nice yo..

Sep 12, 2010


whats good my good peoples
so finally the time has come to reveal to you my secret

here it is..

after a summer
of going back and forth to the studio
and working together
with engineer extraordinaire
Mr. Artem Kulakov

I am pleased to tell you
that we are in the final stages of completing..

my first full length solo project


after years of putting in work,
featuring on various artists' projects
while at the same time
sidelining with different
talented acts and artists
around the city,
along the east and west coast,
Europe and Japan,

I am happy to be able
to let you know
that my first official solo release is here..


on the album
you the listener
will find
a collection of works
from the last two years
works inspired by my personal journey and insights
combined with elements of musical styles
ranging from reggae to jazz blues hip hop and folk

the album's official release date is set for spring
accompanied by a release party in its honor
however, it WILL be available for download before that time

the date of the release party
as well as the date
the album will become available for download
will be announced

meanwhile as a gift
and a special thank you
to all the people
that have been telling me
how much they appreciated the music
i've been putting out over the years,
who in doing so
have inspired me to keep putting out more,

to them
and to all who have supported me so far

i will be making available for free download
remixes of some of the songs off the album,
up until the day of the official album release date in spring
so look out for that

i want to take a moment to give special thanx
to all the people who helped work on the album
and who
thru their dedication
loving attention
and amazing talents
have lifted this project
to a level it otherwise
would not have seen

a special shout goes to
Artem Kulakov

all i can say is
Thank you man

for your tireless energy and talent
that i am truly indebted to you

and say congrats to you as well man..
i know this is your first one too!!

and to Sir Larry MacDonald for his continuing guidance
and welcoming spirit..
and for allowing me to dream..

god bless
and thank him
who without
none of this would have been possible..

i hope you enjoy the works
as much as i do sharing them..

Sep 10, 2010

something i wrote

higher grounds

the night became an escape

starin at the ceilin feelin the hate

tears rollin down my sister's face

quietly whisperin, it'll be okay

the loudness increase climax release

feet stumble down stairs, our bodies freeze

lookin at eachother and thru the door crack

at the yellow light shinin from where the war's at

silence.. even more scary that..

it's real now, daddy's gone..

where he went to, none of us knew

gone for so long, we eventually became used to

not having him around. still missed the sound of

his voice and the love in his music

if he had chosen to stay, our parents love would have abused it

or would it..was it love or was that just what we called it

see over time love reminds me that love is kind, could it

be that what we called love was something else entirely

some strange thing laced with anger and jealousy

something that would cease to exist when set free..

but one needs peace to see clearly, resist and let be.

so now the storm is gone but there is not yet calm

i see vivid as day the wooden necklace sway

carved by fate like her face by tears

and the sadness that has become my mom

in that place where love lost its way.

i've lived long enuff to witness regrets expressed,

they say when you fail once you study harder for the next big test,

with us, not so


hold on more before we let go

seem to find it close to impossible to say sorry

eventhough sorry is how we feel and we all know


make way for higher grounds..

i remember happiness, my father cleaning

the valves of his trumpet, playing

closing his eyes as if dreaming

new sounds all around put there to protect us

spiritually, as if the sound there was an energy

stronger than any negativity..

i guess he knew we needed it, cause while they did

the fear anger and hatred did not quit,

we went thru more confusion and bullshit

attempted suicide and false pride,

moma liquor pourin' claim she not an alcoholic

cause she never drinks before four,

never wakes up before three

drinkin' alone in the dark watchin' t.v.

but no

no judgment from me cause see

everybody got their own way of feelin' free..

somebody told me

god's orbit is different from man

that's why we have to leave this realm to understand

i chose sound to take me to higher grounds

call me a travelling man..

Sep 9, 2010

soon baby soon..

yo i went to the dentist today..
don't ask!!
i'll tell :)
yo my dude is the chillest dentist man..
i heard music in the back ground right
he ask me what kinda music i like..
im like well..i like anything from jazz rap reggae pop..
he say yo
you down with listenin to some brd and dizzy?!
im like yes..
he put on the station
live internet radio by topic you can choose
we rockin to this beautifull music man..
so nice
wanted to share that..

oh, about the surprise secret??..
not yet baby not yet
but soon..
i can give you another hint though..
im workin on it night and day ;)..
stay tunes
imma let you know over the weekend yo..

Sep 8, 2010

shh..don't tell nobody..yet..



i got a little secret i wanna share..

but can't tell you just yet..

it's good's good

imma keep you posted

and make sure you'll be the first to know..

i CAN give you a hint though..

it has got to do with....

music!! ;)

stay tuned..

Sep 7, 2010

my boombox

im lookin at her
quietly sitting there
in the corner
i gotta be on my way
but my heart goes in slo mo
as i start to think of the many memories we shared
and she was right there
playing soft songs in the deep of night
making me feel alright
she was there when i finished my first demo
and i played it for my sis to hear over the phone
she was there to keep me company
when i felt alone.
adorned her with stickers from my crew
wrote on her "peace hip hop, i love you".
'member she was a conversation starter on the train
used to hold her close and hug her
made me feel good like nothing could
can't count the joints we played together
sober.. blurred..
too many memories to mention
and here now
i'm holding her
slowly walking down steps
onto the outside courtyard
setting her down..
looking at her one last time,
observing her as she stands there proudly
i know she wont be there by dark..
secretly i hope someone will take her and cherish her
even if only her radio function works..
some people still listen to radio right?!
i pray she'll be alright
maybe help some lonely body thru the night..
this one's for my beloved boombox..
baby imma miss you
baby you rock..

Sep 6, 2010

back on the grind..tomorrow..

whats good man
labor day..
for peoples in the parade
for peoples jus chillin..
for whoever not sure even what labor day's about..
had a great day today man..
was supposed to go out to long island and celebrate it with my best friends moms peeps in the hamptons
but trainschedules and wifey and i oversleepin didn' allow for that
we did other things instead
bumped into a friend and hung out
weather nice
conversation stimulatin'
yes had fun
on some calm cool sh..
bought some food
watched some tv and chilled..
hope y'all are good
and doing good
wherever you are
whoever you may be..
one love
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