Jul 21, 2010

my moment

aaight man
long time no blogg
been crazy hectic at my j-o
and when i mean crazy hectic
i mean the typa hectic like
work and sleep
work and sleep..
so nothing much other than that to share
it does make me appreciate so much more the down times
like for instance today i sat alone
outside on campus at a public area in the day time usually crowded with people
now completely empty
i love that
got my pen and pad and started zonin',
orange lights, wind blowin' gently thru the trees thats there..
my moment for me youknow...
i love that..
started working out some things in my mind
and came up with the beginning of a song
or poem
or a rhyme youknow..
got me thinking bout my relationships
with fam
with people i haven't seen in a long time
or people that kinda jus left my life
abruptly, deliberatly, or ones that just kinda faded from view..
i heard it said that sometimes or as much as you can
you need to release
just like you obtain
you need to let go..
thats what i usually do in those moments
my moments..

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