Jun 2, 2010

yo!!..alvin lewis

this a pic of alvin and i taken in bed stuy a while back..

when you hear his name
please remember it
and when you get a chance
please google it
you will not regret it..
this is a man who's vibe and joy inspires me
everytime im around it
he is one of my favorite
if not my favorite guitar player
and one of my favorite musicians definately..
not in the least because of his joy in general and especially while playing
his humility and just his general positive energy and outlook on things..
he embraced and applauded my creative endeavors when he didn't have to
and i just wanted to show my gratitude for that
hence this blog..
you the man alvin..

this is his groups cd entitled 'wake up'
please check the whole joint yo..
it's tremendous..

and this is a poem i did as inlay for the cd

good looks for the opportunity man..
god bless..

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