Jun 6, 2010

BIG UPS!! PoWeR StRuGgLe..KeEpYaHjOy..

my good friend keepyahjoy
among many other things
bass player for west coast crew audiopharmacy
is doing his thing
like he has been for a while
as one of the most gifted
even keeled and beautiful spirits i have the pleasure to know
he to me is a constant proof positive and reminder
of what it means to do one's own thing..
he walks alone
to the beat of his drum
for years now i've known him to follow a passion for playing bucket drums
on the streets of vienna to the streets of brooklyn
san fran to berlin..
both intriguing and mesmorizing crowds at the same time..
related to this same topic
he has put together a movie with some of his companions
among whom i am glad to say i belong
and i am humbled that he chose one of my songs for the soundtrack of the flick..
please enjoy the promo trailer
released by the fam at the pharm..

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