Jun 28, 2010


Jun 26, 2010

"what is hidden from the wise and prudent.."

Jun 24, 2010

something i wrote..

i see their faces
and i wonder
how much longer
before we're free

i feel their sadness
and i think to myself
would anybody stop to help
a stranger in the streets

i know we got to keep on
oh lord, it's been so long
since things have been so wrong
in this society

glass ceilings for blacks and women
educational inequality
desperation and anger
due to our poverty

my moma ain't got no money
i hear her cry at night
praying for god to carry us
praying to make things right

daddy has long since left us
never said goodbye
but i know that man loved us yeah
never wanted to see us cry

told me to keep on fighting
keep my head held high
told me to keep my heart held strong
my sight toward the sky

Jun 15, 2010

slow down the world a little bit..

quietly sitting on my stoop
feeling the evening air on my body and face
longing for nothing
for nothingness
the closest ive come so far is sleep
im tired
tired of so many things
of people
all with their many things
just wanna be alone for now
somewhere in a corner with no one around
with nothing
with no one
racing thoughts
slowed down
feeling mellow
feeling fine
getting acquainted with myself
a little more
each time
loving myself a little more
each time
thats where i like to be

Jun 6, 2010

BIG UPS!! PoWeR StRuGgLe..KeEpYaHjOy..

my good friend keepyahjoy
among many other things
bass player for west coast crew audiopharmacy
is doing his thing
like he has been for a while
as one of the most gifted
even keeled and beautiful spirits i have the pleasure to know
he to me is a constant proof positive and reminder
of what it means to do one's own thing..
he walks alone
to the beat of his drum
for years now i've known him to follow a passion for playing bucket drums
on the streets of vienna to the streets of brooklyn
san fran to berlin..
both intriguing and mesmorizing crowds at the same time..
related to this same topic
he has put together a movie with some of his companions
among whom i am glad to say i belong
and i am humbled that he chose one of my songs for the soundtrack of the flick..
please enjoy the promo trailer
released by the fam at the pharm..

Jun 2, 2010

yo!!..alvin lewis

this a pic of alvin and i taken in bed stuy a while back..

when you hear his name
please remember it
and when you get a chance
please google it
you will not regret it..
this is a man who's vibe and joy inspires me
everytime im around it
he is one of my favorite
if not my favorite guitar player
and one of my favorite musicians definately..
not in the least because of his joy in general and especially while playing
his humility and just his general positive energy and outlook on things..
he embraced and applauded my creative endeavors when he didn't have to
and i just wanted to show my gratitude for that
hence this blog..
you the man alvin..

this is his groups cd entitled 'wake up'
please check the whole joint yo..
it's tremendous..

and this is a poem i did as inlay for the cd

good looks for the opportunity man..
god bless..

here and now..

yeah peoples
thanx for loggin on and checkin in..
i been a little low key lately
just taking care of responcibilities
and trying to do everything right
or at least in the right way
from doing my best to come to work on time
to praying
an keeping people in mind
and practicing forgiveness in my quiet times..
life can get ahead of you if you let it
and can just consume you before you realize it
here and now is the only moment i have to work with
so i wanna make it count
all the past and all the future
together in this moment
without overlooking
this moment
and in this moment
i pray for forgiveness
and love
peace to you
and may god bless you
in all godly things you do
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