May 14, 2010

i belong to no one

from my nap's
goin' down my history
thinkin' back
to cats dissin' me
for bein' different
kinda like jimi
got my own style
persistently different
that's how you get clowned
in an instant
but i ain' care
like, what's the difference
i am
dirt poor
and you
on well fare
still im glistenin'
thru the dirt shinin'
climbin' like a ladder
with my rhymin'
and now im in places like japan
where they slow to catch the slang
but the vibe they undastand
and i don' even consider myself a rapper
not in your lane, fuck fame
jus follow my passion make moves and maintain
it's a shame, they don't see..
no need to be jealous of me
see shit did never come easy for me
just want you to know that when you see me
yeah i done swept floors cleaned toilet bowls
peeped untrue stories about my person told
fought hard to keep my soul
ate cans of corn when i ain' had no doe
n lived off charity like a bumb when i had nothin'
prone to go off like a gun, shootin' off the lip frontin'
knew i was the man, still got treated like a son
stressin' the fuck out while they had they fun
had to wait my turn while they countin' they ones
tightnin' my focus while they rolled' they blunds
stayin' loyal to my dreams while they mackin' they stunts
put a clamp on my bills while they totin' they fronts
keepin' it low key while i practice my lungs
and in the midst of all this goin' on
you wanna ask me if i know where i belong
i know where i'm from
god got me, i belong to no one

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