May 7, 2010

Daydreams video clip

hey people

just finished the clip for the song daydreams i did with sotu and tasha
so i guess you could call this its official release :)
i like the way it came out
put it together from all kinds of footage
made in new york amsterdam and san fransisco
wanted to try out black and white
for mood purposes
and played around with some effects
like moving images
and letter typing over the images..
well nuff said,
please enjoy..

dedicated to guru
please rest in peace joy and happiness

we comin outta the jungle conrete
with thoughts and lyrics written out
on white paper sheets and blue lines
while we ridin the bus where back folks fuss
between stops and i'm
between franklin and nostrand
where the disunity and the resistance to our royalty
makes me grow more determined to sow grow and harvest mental crops
while taking heed of mental cops
controlling and patrolling on inner curbs
actin preturbed
yo they tellin me i can't do it
but i know cause god shows that if i try i can do it
we can be fluid like happy cries
we gettin high on life without taking fluid
louis armstrong knew it
knew ain't nothin to it but to do it
as long as it's got that thing
cause it's a jazz thing that's makin your hips swing
and makin you forget your troubles in the weekend from during the week
weavin' and bobbin' to the beat sleek like processed hair
oiled and gelled up
niggaz is ballin, livin on top, not hearin you callin, not givin a fuck
but when they play in their stare lives god that when
played or hummed becomes born thru their lips in true muze
giving lush life thru the groove thru their fingertips
peaceful is the vibe like slow blues harmony
here to soothe not to harm you or me
and made to release emotions in cups full
accumulated in tears in the eyes of the beholding woman in the rear
thats slowly startin to cry
we here just to get by and celebrate life while gettin' high
we travelin these travels and we journyin' these journeys
thru landscapes to find peace
and escape reality in books we read
conversations we hear
and memories close to heart we keep
of maybe little kids eyes starin
playin truth dare and sneakin kisses
and act with attitude
to make up for the youngness in years and actin rude
in the distance you can hear somebody sing
cause it's a jazz thing

never are we off from this godly profession
we workin like slaves just to be manifestin
cause its our life love and truest confession
our way to the light shining thru the depression
we chillin at home got some food and we cookin
and rap on some dope shorties thats good lookin
while we build on the world we leave our children in
ghetto queens and kings surrounded by sin
we comin from way down in the underground
where we build our universe with a sound profound
and expand it to the stars with rehearsel and verse
with our voices and fists we make it felt and heard
notes as our language we use to build our blocks
with love we fill and don't kill on our blocks
and cherish each life like diamond rings
reflected with the force of the sun
cause its a jazz thing


Anonymous said...

NICE! Thanks for sharing. You are incredibly talented.


Stepwise! said...

damnnnn, gregg green does it AGAIN!! love it son!!

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