May 15, 2010

clear visions oakland march 2010

peep clear visions coming from a skyline
people movin like ants in the rain and sunshine
everybody you meet runnin in place to grind
focused on money in these spiritual times
you gotta come thru the dark to greet the sunshine
facin' chemical warfare and spiritual crimes
in case you wonderin' right now is the time
to brush away the dirt for your soul to shine
like an uncut gem from your innersoul mind
yo it's time to push back people crossin' your line
can't erase the times must face the times
gotta let your love pierce thru the hate sometimes
i know you find your mind in a deep state sometimes
it can take a lot out of you to keep your faith sometimes
raise your hands express you inner divine
i wanna see my people smilin' up in the sunshine

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