May 29, 2010

let go an let god

sometimes you gotta jus let go..
and let god.

May 27, 2010

a good time moment..

ain no worry in the world.
wid my peoples
somewhere on a terrace in europe,
listenin to the sound of the streets.
watchin' skylines in solemn moments
feelin' fine, for a moment.
feeling something bigger than monotony.
feeling god touching me.
feeling at peace..

May 26, 2010

FREdoM tImE noW..

Worked hard ALL MY LIFE
FOR A purpose
AND YOU'LL KNOW dependancy.
ITS deep.
Feels as if it IS JUST BEGINNING.
In a forest of confusion.
With BROKEN HEARTS acting as its tree's branches
leaving my SOUL SCARRED.
LIKE THE struggle to free the BONDAGE frOm MY PEOPLE
This journey has never been easy.
And im STILL not FREE

May 25, 2010

mr. dennis emmanuel brown.. royalty..

all hail the crown prince..
one of the sweetest voices ever in music..

May 21, 2010

come with me and surrender

this a poem i wrote seeing two lovers making out on the train..
they were doing their thing oblivious of the world around them
i loved that alot
the defiant disregard of so called social rules
and they didn't do it agressively
like they wanted the world to look at them
they were just in their own world

come with me and surrender

your body
your energy
it speaks to me
and i feel the way you
you feelin' me
they call us weird
but i feel safe to know
that we're together
so let them observe
and fade slow
with with the weather

take a seat
on this cloud
and let it all out
this is the heaven
you've been waiting for
the mystery that is making way
for our reality
and the misery
now is only a fallacy

cause love is our natural state of being

surrender to me
'cause i am your way to love
these are my arms
these are my dreams
come and take of my tree
whatever you want from me
and take the journey
thru my soul
enter it thru your eyes
i wear no disguise
my mouth tells you no lies
don't be afraid
for there's no need to hide
and let's again be alive

later i kinda played with the lyrics of the poem
and put it to some music keepyahjoy and ras gilbert had put together
i put the guitar and vocals on it..
and god gave me another song..

come with me and surrender

your body
and your energy
it speaks to me
and i feel the way
you feelin' me,
they call us weird
but i feel safe to know
that we're together
so let them fade slow

take a seat
on this cloud of joy
let it all out
this the heaven
we've been waiting for,
no doubt,

it's the mystery
that is making way for our reality
and the misery
is now only a fallacy,


this a track i did together with mr. larry macdonald..
i put some footage to it of some of my peoples..
dig it!!

May 20, 2010

freedom writers.. yess..

some may call it a copy of dangerous minds
others may called it its blue print
some may say it's a little hollywood at times
only those that know really can judge
and to me ain't nothing wrong with a little hollywood yo..
'specially when it shines light on a real situation..
and this right here is a real situation
it inspired me..
so i wanna share it..
please enjoy

gregg says yess stepwise..

right now i would like to introduce you to dj mr. stepwise
dope ass dj from the ranks of the audiopharmacy crew
dj for galang radio together with miss. erika matos
and reigning table ping-pong champion at the pharm.. :)
we have plans to do some work together in the near future
so i sent him some music
now what my man did was unexpected and nice yo..
please listen to his whole show (cause it's dope..)
and play close attention to the last 5 seconds of the show..
brotherly love bein' shown to the fulles
big ups from ny to the bay
coast to coast stand up!!

May 19, 2010

granma's of my favorite artist's ever..

May 17, 2010

higher grounds, higher sounds..

foto by Keita Suzuki

the night became an escape
starin at the ceilin feelin the hate
tears rollin down my sister's face
quietly whisperin, it'll be okay
the loudness increase climax release
feet stumble down stairs, our bodies freeze
lookin at eachother thru the door crack
at the yellow light shinin from where the war's at
now silence. even more scary that..
it's close to fact now, daddy's gone,
where he went to, none of us knew.
gone for so long, that we became used to
not having him around, still i missed the sound of
his voice and the love in his music
if he had chosen to stay, their love would have abused it
or would it..see love reminds me that love is kind, could it
be that what we called love was something else entirely,
some strange thing laced with anger and jealousy
something that would cease to exist when set free..
but one needs peace to see resist and let be.
so now the storm is gone but there is not yet calm
i see clear as day the wooden necklace sway
and the sadness that has overcome my mom
in that place where love lost its way.
and i have lived long enuff to witness regrets expressed.
one would think..
when you've failed once you'd study harder for life's next big test,
with us, not so
we, hold on more, before we let go,
find it close to impossible to say sorry,
eventhough how we feel we all know,
hardly, make way for higher grounds..
i remember happiness, my father cleaning
the valves of his trumpet, playing,
closing his eyes as if dreaming
new sounds all around put there to protect us
spiritually, as if the sound there was an energy
stronger than any negativity..
we needed it, cause while they did,
the fear anger and hatred did not quit.
we went thru more confusion and bullshit,
attempted suicide and false pride,
moma steady liquor pourin' claim she not an alcoholic
cause she never drank before four,
never woke up before three,
up late nights drinkin' alone in the dark watchin' t.v.
no judgment from me,
everybody got their own way of feelin' free..
somebody told me god's orbit is different from man's
that's why we have to leave this realm for that to understand.
sound chose to take me to higher grounds
call me a travelling man..
don' wanna come down..

for the beautiful hawaiian islands i love you

beautiful lands beautiful people beautiful voices..

hawaii..thank you..

this version's for the streets.. :)


May 16, 2010

I belong to no one..audiopoetry recording in the park..

big T was in town for two days
thats how that man moves
on tha..
movin' in and out
in and out..
so youknow..
to get shit done
you gotta catch that train..
or plane
or vibe
or whatever he's on..
case and point
8 am
i get a call..
im like
i don't have to wake up till 9..
but we got work to do
so here we go
pack up the camera
pack up the audio recorder
hit the corner
do the thing there
after that
go to a nearby park..
and do the thing..
this is a piece of it..
full recording
will be put to audio
released by the pharm..
look out for that


May 15, 2010

clear visions oakland march 2010

peep clear visions coming from a skyline
people movin like ants in the rain and sunshine
everybody you meet runnin in place to grind
focused on money in these spiritual times
you gotta come thru the dark to greet the sunshine
facin' chemical warfare and spiritual crimes
in case you wonderin' right now is the time
to brush away the dirt for your soul to shine
like an uncut gem from your innersoul mind
yo it's time to push back people crossin' your line
can't erase the times must face the times
gotta let your love pierce thru the hate sometimes
i know you find your mind in a deep state sometimes
it can take a lot out of you to keep your faith sometimes
raise your hands express you inner divine
i wanna see my people smilin' up in the sunshine

i hope y'all hip..roy ayers..

May 14, 2010

i belong to no one

from my nap's
goin' down my history
thinkin' back
to cats dissin' me
for bein' different
kinda like jimi
got my own style
persistently different
that's how you get clowned
in an instant
but i ain' care
like, what's the difference
i am
dirt poor
and you
on well fare
still im glistenin'
thru the dirt shinin'
climbin' like a ladder
with my rhymin'
and now im in places like japan
where they slow to catch the slang
but the vibe they undastand
and i don' even consider myself a rapper
not in your lane, fuck fame
jus follow my passion make moves and maintain
it's a shame, they don't see..
no need to be jealous of me
see shit did never come easy for me
just want you to know that when you see me
yeah i done swept floors cleaned toilet bowls
peeped untrue stories about my person told
fought hard to keep my soul
ate cans of corn when i ain' had no doe
n lived off charity like a bumb when i had nothin'
prone to go off like a gun, shootin' off the lip frontin'
knew i was the man, still got treated like a son
stressin' the fuck out while they had they fun
had to wait my turn while they countin' they ones
tightnin' my focus while they rolled' they blunds
stayin' loyal to my dreams while they mackin' they stunts
put a clamp on my bills while they totin' they fronts
keepin' it low key while i practice my lungs
and in the midst of all this goin' on
you wanna ask me if i know where i belong
i know where i'm from
god got me, i belong to no one

May 12, 2010

listen closely..SoulFoodMusicEducation



your soul's life
by looking
in your soul eyes
and for once
your soul's highs
and where they
and mislead..


and layers
in your past.
truth sayers
and liers
that sold you
that you
wanted to believe
that had you deceived


look at you
and those eyes
and see
and happiness
and loneliness
in a dark room
with a single light of hope


the same
and see life
even now.


i could give

to you

a feeling

could dream together
and work together
thru feelings
of pride
and low self esteem

be our own support system


ice scoops
and chill
by the tv
when you ill

just remenisce
and cry
over times gone by
and people
we wish
could be here


make up
when we fight
look to keep
our heart right
and work
to keep our soulight


like diamonds
that don't melt
before the sun

but stay strong

keep it right
when we're wrong

treat eachother gentle..

to a song comfort you
difficult times
and write you
words that rhyme

all this
in your soul's eyes
by a soul's eye

here for you
when you need

no need to ask why

May 8, 2010


yo i jus dig this song man..

Adele - Make you feel my love

May 7, 2010

Daydreams video clip

hey people

just finished the clip for the song daydreams i did with sotu and tasha
so i guess you could call this its official release :)
i like the way it came out
put it together from all kinds of footage
made in new york amsterdam and san fransisco
wanted to try out black and white
for mood purposes
and played around with some effects
like moving images
and letter typing over the images..
well nuff said,
please enjoy..

dedicated to guru
please rest in peace joy and happiness

we comin outta the jungle conrete
with thoughts and lyrics written out
on white paper sheets and blue lines
while we ridin the bus where back folks fuss
between stops and i'm
between franklin and nostrand
where the disunity and the resistance to our royalty
makes me grow more determined to sow grow and harvest mental crops
while taking heed of mental cops
controlling and patrolling on inner curbs
actin preturbed
yo they tellin me i can't do it
but i know cause god shows that if i try i can do it
we can be fluid like happy cries
we gettin high on life without taking fluid
louis armstrong knew it
knew ain't nothin to it but to do it
as long as it's got that thing
cause it's a jazz thing that's makin your hips swing
and makin you forget your troubles in the weekend from during the week
weavin' and bobbin' to the beat sleek like processed hair
oiled and gelled up
niggaz is ballin, livin on top, not hearin you callin, not givin a fuck
but when they play in their stare lives god that when
played or hummed becomes born thru their lips in true muze
giving lush life thru the groove thru their fingertips
peaceful is the vibe like slow blues harmony
here to soothe not to harm you or me
and made to release emotions in cups full
accumulated in tears in the eyes of the beholding woman in the rear
thats slowly startin to cry
we here just to get by and celebrate life while gettin' high
we travelin these travels and we journyin' these journeys
thru landscapes to find peace
and escape reality in books we read
conversations we hear
and memories close to heart we keep
of maybe little kids eyes starin
playin truth dare and sneakin kisses
and act with attitude
to make up for the youngness in years and actin rude
in the distance you can hear somebody sing
cause it's a jazz thing

never are we off from this godly profession
we workin like slaves just to be manifestin
cause its our life love and truest confession
our way to the light shining thru the depression
we chillin at home got some food and we cookin
and rap on some dope shorties thats good lookin
while we build on the world we leave our children in
ghetto queens and kings surrounded by sin
we comin from way down in the underground
where we build our universe with a sound profound
and expand it to the stars with rehearsel and verse
with our voices and fists we make it felt and heard
notes as our language we use to build our blocks
with love we fill and don't kill on our blocks
and cherish each life like diamond rings
reflected with the force of the sun
cause its a jazz thing

May 1, 2010 soulful..


Herbie Hancock Cameleon Live 1975

keep lis'nin'

Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
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