Apr 25, 2010

From Time To Time..Kenichiro Nishihara feat. your man..

yo man
im busy
dont get it twisted
yeah i didnt post much lately
so here goes..

FrOm TiZiMe To tIzZy..

I cant tell you what to do
Just like these niggaz couldn’t tell me who to be
How to do my thing
Cats come across confident spittin ignorant
Headz wise usually speak softly
Got no reason to hide behind bravado
That’s why you wont see my face when I hit the lotto
Jus keep it movin full throttle
Bless where I manifest let the wisdom settle
Pedal to the metal to the grotto
Where me an my baby boo bat girl stay
The mission in my rhymes is to find a way
To make the night time a better place to play
People hear me when I say
Soul music is here to stay

Don’t let nobody hold you down
You gotta do your best to turn your frowns
Opinions everybody got one
You gotta keep lookin out for nr 1

Tomorrows not promised to anyone
In between your worries try to have some fun
From the stress take a time out
Feel blessed
Let your soul roam
Give you thoughts a rest
You aint survin nobody with stressin
The issues you got yo
Stress manifests them
Most people tend to deal in ego
In reality you know
They’d rather be happy
an you may find when you look closely
Those you consider friendz
Tryina hold u down while u tryina grow
Keep your dreams close to god
He knows
Surround yourself with those who want the best for you
Keep your eyes on the prize
Stay true
Ain tryina sound like im preachin
But from time to time wordz like these we all need them

put together with the footage taken in tokyo japan
earlier this year
i like the way it came out
you can too.. :)

so beuatiful n gifted these dudes and dudettes..
and frienly and warm..
japan is dope..

the song is hearable on humming jazz
by kenichiro san..
whole album is dope to me

please checkitout
and enjoy..
peace yo

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