Apr 14, 2010

i travel dolo

yeah i been thru the crossroads and heavy loads
had to defeat foes with steel toes
late night listen to most host to hoes with no clothes
i say pause..
aint no need to feel like this
i feel your steel like kiss
there must be a clause in this non-verbal contract that we got
if not
i got ta pause
cause i got a cause for which i rock
and i cant get derailed
i know love is blind
but i read braille with my mind
once upon a time the rain i hailed to wash away the pain
but next day cant be the same
erosion of emotion is the next lane
the lion in me?!
never tamed!!
in alliance with their ways?!..man..cant be too sane..
the awareness that kisses the lids of the dawn cant be too lame or hollow
and i dont respekt those who jus follow
and dont use their own minds to think
like eyes that dont blink
whenever you testify to see who is i
and yourself you pass by
the knowledge we gain
we personify
and privacy is freedom
so dont pry..
but some stay ignorant
and for them wisdom cries
like doves do
to the sound of uhuru
we been here before
who knew?!
peelin' back the layers of our souls an' eyelids
to read the math on the back of it
and scroll thru our souls to unfold our story before untold
its fresh life-giving waters breaking the mold of who we were told to be
now whisper it to me softly
so its sensitive truth i can see
in radiant colors i never before seen outside of my dreams
n let me an' my inner self connect with my higher self
and let us be..
three in one
like the earth moon an' sun
i trace the circle of my soul and find i have jus begun
like my lungs first breath
and the fragile first ray of the new born sun
on the borders of brooknam where bibles an fire arms
and ignorance sets of car alarms
and only the babies' ignorance has true charm
yeah i feel collectiveness pull my arm
but i got one soul
and i know their fingers
truy to suffogate
my voice flow
but i know
theirs is a choice low
for my soul is a butterfly that needs to fly high
i know thru this mental vietnam
i travel dolo..

1 comment:

Alessandra said...

Gregg - This is a beautiful piece of work. Very deep, moving and thought provoking. U r extremely talented. Thanks for this inspiration.

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