Apr 27, 2010

-y X?..

i see him standing on top of his building front of his house
he 'bout to be out
leave home to roam
gotta catch a plane
goin a far place from home
to entertain crowds that know his name
its a shame
the love he gettin
he gettin due to his fame
at home he's estranged
with his wife n couple a kids
aint that a bitch..
been workin for this for most of his life
now he feel he gotta choose
either way he feel he lose
decisions like this to him
feel like a noose
lonely dark nights
find him
singin the blues
see the crowd dont know this
but away from the lights
he sits under dark nights
tryina get his heart right
while he smoke and drink and think over his life
pray for some light
and pray to do right

he in thought lost
while he hear a knock on the door
he knows whats next in store
he did it all before

thoughts like this go thru his head
the kids the regrets
the life that they led
how great the sex when they made up when they was vexed
he jus thinkin bout
how he dont wanna be ex
and tears fill his eyes
when he realizes
what a break up could do
to their kids lives
he never meant for this
never meant the disses
never wanted his life to be filled
with only remenisces
he know break ups
he know this the one
he know he only gonna get to see
but so much of his son
will his son be raised by a new man?

now he know he a good man
and he know
in her heart she know it too
why cant she understand?
what can he do?

here come his crew
out on the town
the weight of a man
all the way down
aint much else to do
he gotta get around
gotta do his thing
addicted to the sound..

still sit fuckin with him
like a million bee stings
tears on his cheex
everytime he sings
noone he talk to
can change the way he sees things
couldnt get his fam back
if he bought her three rings
love n laughter
turned to disaster
his world crumbling
now he knows he cant trust her no more
not like before
too much has happened
nothing left for him to do
but to keep writn' n rappin'
he know prefer that to the fightin'
thats the place he can lose his soul in
without his soul usin it against him
he knows their home is no longer a friend
the life he once knew
has come to an end
and he know he not perfect
yet he thinks
what kinda sin has he committed
for life to bring him
this kinda sadness..
tryina get past this
fallin asleep
on a single mattress..

Apr 25, 2010

From Time To Time..Kenichiro Nishihara feat. your man..

yo man
im busy
dont get it twisted
yeah i didnt post much lately
so here goes..

FrOm TiZiMe To tIzZy..

I cant tell you what to do
Just like these niggaz couldn’t tell me who to be
How to do my thing
Cats come across confident spittin ignorant
Headz wise usually speak softly
Got no reason to hide behind bravado
That’s why you wont see my face when I hit the lotto
Jus keep it movin full throttle
Bless where I manifest let the wisdom settle
Pedal to the metal to the grotto
Where me an my baby boo bat girl stay
The mission in my rhymes is to find a way
To make the night time a better place to play
People hear me when I say
Soul music is here to stay

Don’t let nobody hold you down
You gotta do your best to turn your frowns
Opinions everybody got one
You gotta keep lookin out for nr 1

Tomorrows not promised to anyone
In between your worries try to have some fun
From the stress take a time out
Feel blessed
Let your soul roam
Give you thoughts a rest
You aint survin nobody with stressin
The issues you got yo
Stress manifests them
Most people tend to deal in ego
In reality you know
They’d rather be happy
an you may find when you look closely
Those you consider friendz
Tryina hold u down while u tryina grow
Keep your dreams close to god
He knows
Surround yourself with those who want the best for you
Keep your eyes on the prize
Stay true
Ain tryina sound like im preachin
But from time to time wordz like these we all need them

put together with the footage taken in tokyo japan
earlier this year
i like the way it came out
you can too.. :)

so beuatiful n gifted these dudes and dudettes..
and frienly and warm..
japan is dope..

the song is hearable on humming jazz
by kenichiro san..
whole album is dope to me

please checkitout
and enjoy..
peace yo

So beautiful..Sarah McLachlan

Big L genius..

Big L - On the Mic


god is with you.
are you?

Apr 18, 2010

have you seen this man?

Apr 17, 2010


Big Bill Broonzy plays "Hey Hey"

Apr 14, 2010

i travel dolo

yeah i been thru the crossroads and heavy loads
had to defeat foes with steel toes
late night listen to most host to hoes with no clothes
i say pause..
aint no need to feel like this
i feel your steel like kiss
there must be a clause in this non-verbal contract that we got
if not
i got ta pause
cause i got a cause for which i rock
and i cant get derailed
i know love is blind
but i read braille with my mind
once upon a time the rain i hailed to wash away the pain
but next day cant be the same
erosion of emotion is the next lane
the lion in me?!
never tamed!!
in alliance with their ways?!..man..cant be too sane..
the awareness that kisses the lids of the dawn cant be too lame or hollow
and i dont respekt those who jus follow
and dont use their own minds to think
like eyes that dont blink
whenever you testify to see who is i
and yourself you pass by
the knowledge we gain
we personify
and privacy is freedom
so dont pry..
but some stay ignorant
and for them wisdom cries
like doves do
to the sound of uhuru
we been here before
who knew?!
peelin' back the layers of our souls an' eyelids
to read the math on the back of it
and scroll thru our souls to unfold our story before untold
its fresh life-giving waters breaking the mold of who we were told to be
now whisper it to me softly
so its sensitive truth i can see
in radiant colors i never before seen outside of my dreams
n let me an' my inner self connect with my higher self
and let us be..
three in one
like the earth moon an' sun
i trace the circle of my soul and find i have jus begun
like my lungs first breath
and the fragile first ray of the new born sun
on the borders of brooknam where bibles an fire arms
and ignorance sets of car alarms
and only the babies' ignorance has true charm
yeah i feel collectiveness pull my arm
but i got one soul
and i know their fingers
truy to suffogate
my voice flow
but i know
theirs is a choice low
for my soul is a butterfly that needs to fly high
i know thru this mental vietnam
i travel dolo..

Apr 12, 2010

yess..fat freddy's drop..


Apr 11, 2010

freddy's family at kenny's castaways

whats good peoples
had another gig last night at
what i found out was a legendary spot
on bleecker street in the village
the place was called

kenny's castaways

it was nice man
i came in kinda early
and checked out the group before us
sandra small
beautiful vibes man
acoustic set
two guitars lead vocals and percussion
after which we did our thing
along with other groups
amongst whom
6th degree
freddy's peoples from berkley music school
shout to them..
we had fun

Apr 10, 2010


Apr 9, 2010

peoples n' thing i luvs..

Apr 7, 2010


for all the times

for all the times you were told you were special
and still haven't shared your true virtue with the world
for all the teachers that never told you
when you love your innocence could get hurt
for all the so called friends that pretended to care
yet had ulterior motives
and deep inside you knew
but pretended not to notice
cause you thought you needed them
you let them use you
for lack of self love
let them abuse you
for all those times and more
i bless you

for what i see in you
you might might not see
i know, i remember
when people told me

stay strong, say your prayers
while you may have pealed off one
god knows all the layers

Apr 6, 2010

Sometimes it be's like this..Frienemies..

they say..

haters wanna see you down

haters like to see you frown

don't wanna give you a pound

don't want you to come around

but the one thing i didn't see

was haters in my family

the ones close to me

movin' like an enemy

didn't wanna see me make no progress

didn't wanna see me make no moves

jus slowin' down the whole process

wanna knock me from my groove

haters wanna see you down

haters like to see you frown

don't wanna give you a pound

don't want you to come around

i didn't meet him yesterday

i knew him from my youth

no work, only got time for games

baby, im jus tellin the truth..

haters wanna see you down

haters love to see you frown

don't wanna give you a pound

don't want you to come around

a man sow and a man reaps

cause and effect thats the way it go

don't wanna stop you from eating your food

oh no, oh, no no no..

Apr 3, 2010

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sir. toots and the maytals.. yess..bless..

never heard this song till jus now..
yes..bless..right on..
see legends go on gre-ating..
youknow creating?!
keep on doing great things
even when you don't see em all the time around..
cause thats great people an true artists' make-up..
glad i passed this song..
glad i could pass it along..
stay strong

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