Mar 17, 2010

Tokyo dreamin'

yo man whats good
been occupied a lil' bit
been outta town
went to tokyo
on an invitation
by mr.kenichiro nishihara
for his record release party
the records that i had the pleasure featuring on
both 'humming jazz' and 'life'
man i can't even begin to describe to you
how the trip was man..
i had never metthis man..
and now that i have
i can tell you
like his music
this man is a truly sophisticated
and pure human being
him and his wife
took me and my wife
on tour of tokyo
and showed us a place special beyond words
im not even gonna try to put it in words
im jus gonna tell you
that it lives in a special place in me
the main objective
from a bizness standpoint
was to do the show
meeting up with the crew
so so talented
and so so sexy :)
(inside joke..)
and rehearsin and rockin
this was towards the end of the week

before which we just hung out
practiced a lil one on one
and just got to feel the culture..
a culture
so beautiful
and educational
like i said
im not gonna elaborate
cause i would fall short of explaining it
anyway the rehearsel was before
a radio appearance at shibuya radio station
which turned out dope
in my opinion
so much love
i musta given like a thousand shoutouts
my first time live on japanese radio
i'd do it again in a sec.. :)
by the way shout out to ken's wife
who also took pictures that night
and jodax his assistant
who also sings
musicians and beautiful parents :)
so here we go
this is part of the radio recordings

so after we did this
me and wife went to hang out a lil' bit
at the kfc across the street
was nice yo
really jus relaxed
till it was time
for the set
you imagine
the set is like at two in the morning
so youknow
we waitin
do a sound check
wait some more
drink some pepsi zero
wait some more
shoot the breeze
crack some jokes
and jus relax
ps this was the event flyer
dope right?!

till we get the word
that its time to go on
believe me when i say
we was a little tired
going on
but the vibe of the music and the people
more than made up for that yo

we had so much fun
both on and off stage
with the crowd
and the staff at the spot
real cool man
real cool

so now you know
after a while it comes time to be out
kenny got us
a cab
and we ridin one dem colorful tokyo custom cabs
with the embroidery blankets on the seats
tokyo air
and fresh made memories in our system

next day
its still like a dream
and we just hung out
bought some clothes
and went sight seeing some more
you know those last moments
of a precious trip
you wanna be aware of
and savor every little thing
thats what we tried to do

i met ken in shibuya
went for a drink with him
at this really cozy second floor lounge typa bamboo joint
and just talked and hungout
oh, and ate real good cheese garlic tomato pizza's
i think it was..
the day after he brought us to narita airport
and before very long
i had my feet up
chilling front the tv
in our ny apt.
still in a dream.

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