Mar 17, 2010

stories the wall tells me

lookin up on the wall
im dreamin'
gettin my hair braided
spanish words speak, all
faces curl in laughter, memories faded
make their way
to the surface of my mind
they stay to play..
i find myself suspended in time
hangin' on
to thoughts of a broken home
hangin' on
to broken pieces of my own
soul that's missing
pieces that come resurfacing,
no more guessing
time has come for nurturing
all those things
i was told were wrong with me
all those things
that made me feel free
outside the box
of their minds
outside the box
of man unkind.
they never meant it
when they said be free
cause i remember we were
and they built penitentiaries
with their mouths
shouts and accusations
dissaproving frowns
and ramifications
and i never did
anything to upset them
the only thing i did
was to not be controlled by them
did not want
my soul to grow old like them
did not want
my innocence to fold
like them.
i rememeber
what i was told by them
memeories of way back when
they themselves believed
anything was possible
cause they could see
that love was unstoppable
i rememeber thinking
what happened to them
for their convictions to wither so steadily
and so fast fast
for them to keep reliving the past.

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