Mar 11, 2010

funymuny sotu remix (fools gold people)

chillin on the speaker
after the set
i got my dues paid
mos def i catch wreck
my life is different
than some may perceive
i can tell by their eyes
what i say they believe
and thats cool
cause i know im tellin the truth
im jus sayin what i believe
and where i wanna be
what u see is an artist
workin to make a living
comin from a place of purity
but nothing is given
so i gotsta get mine
the only way i know
thats by being a man that
knows he can and
shows he can
to both foe an fam cuz
most of these rolls are
often interchangeable
funymuny can make a good thing
yeah funumuny
can make a good thing

many wanna come along for the ride
cause they like how it loox
but dont know inside
dont know this life is 24-7
so many wantin instant gratification
wonder if anyone ever told them
about patience
fools gold people seem to only know now
not really carin about the where and the how
yeah your bark is loud
but your bite not vicious
in order to eat
you must first clean the dishes
must pay your dues
to fullfil your wishes
you must pay your dues
to fullfil your wishes

many people talk without knowing
many people talk without showing
act without thinking
boats slowly sinkin'
thats why i
keep to myself
and thats why i
think for myself
and thats why
i work for myself
and thats why
i put the blame on the shelf
rather listen to the wise one speakin'
troddin' steady
slowly wise one greetin'
brick by brick
makes a strong foundation
buildin' to the sky
paradise awaiting..

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