Feb 7, 2010

Freddy's Family at it again.. Sullivan Hall aka Lion's Den

whats good fam..
you heard it right
the musician's packed their gear again
the mc's pocketed their mic's once more
got their gear done right
fro's and sleeks coifed properly
to put the definitive touches on
what was the Family's first official Sullivan Hall hit..

the sound man did his thing
the lighting guy was immaculate
the waitresses is alaways cool money
and the audience was beautiful as usual..
(yeah i did put that in there cause it flowed so nice
yet an still it was true..dem was fulla beauty.. :)

i wanna give props to legendary Jersey band the Doughboys
for keeping it raw and rockin'
dope musician's
dope songs
they performed before us
i got to talking to the lead singers' wife
and jus had a real nice time talking bout any an everything
real nice lady..

also a shout to the lady at their merchandise stand
i was introduced to
she from Rotterdam
so big ups
Rotterdam in the building!!

so youknow
we did our thing
the final consensus?!
it came off lovely!!

also big ups to Amsterdam
one of the crews after us called Eveni
four man crew with dope energy
real live and jus raw sounding shit..
real dope
i thought they were from Jersey or something
but i recognized an accent when i heard the lead singer talk
after investigating this
i found out Amsterdam was in the building as well
the lead singer and guitar player both..
so big up Amsterdam!!

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