Feb 25, 2010

Feel Like..rockin' to a flexxfit beat..

Shout and utmost respekt to miss. Roberta Flack

"Feel like makin' music."

shout out to flexxfit..

i clearly recall the fall of '93
kickin leaves with my feet nappy head inside the beats
hoody on my head eastpak on my back
around that time my tape player switched to compact
standin on the bridge visualizin' memorizin'
images played loud n live in front of my eyes in
my boombox seein' otis reddings' baydox
"playin my tape player until the tape popped"(Big)
summer was hot but i felt the fall growin colder
spent many nights by myself livin like a loner
felt the world didnt see me nor understand me
fightin back when i felt it fight against me an my family
as the leaves kept falling music reminded me
stay true to my calling always give it my all an
never give it up until i stop breathing an drop
i looked up at the city walls an visualised the top
imagined the view from the roof n climbed up
rocked with the roof as the stage, yeah that's whatsup,
do what we now do for a livin' that was the beginnin'
the place called home to me an my family

i been paid dues sang blues and stayed true
you ain got a clue til you walk a mile in my shoes
i been outcasted dismissed n spat on
dissed by a cold world found warmth in a song
an the vibe is felt from kings to pions
yeah it feel good each time they put me on
songs touch anyone from girls in thongs
to niggaz in stairways smokin they bongs
to moma's in kitchens fixin' aprons
yo peace to my peeps san fran to brooknam
stay strong keep legacy gill scott heron
brian jackson, shine light on how we actin'
maybe even find some answers to our questions
dont call it rappin this is innercity poetry
my own way to express the truth in me
releasin' my stress n give my muzes to the beat

yeah this a lil shout to my famz worldwide
keep doin what you doin' keep the dream alive..

here go the original

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simon amon said...

Now thats that shit.. Shoutout is heard!!

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