Jan 14, 2010

stayin busy..

you ask me how im doin..
you ask me what im doin'..
im stayin busy baby..
busybusy :)

im one man
got two hands
ten fingers
and a whole lotta peoples and well wishers..
you ask me what im doin it for
you ask me who am i doin it for
god and them
thats who

this a song im usin as intro for a project called
Mynstrel Music
did it together with an extremely gifted and soulful cat in haarlem holland
Job dela porte
is his name
goes by artist name Manik

i love his mood and feel
when i heard it
i had to have it..

here is the result of that particular collab
stay tuned for more yo..


we like birds
flyin' in the orange light of the sun
new horizons we explore
as well as the shores
where we from some come undone
got their personal stories
thru the sadness and the glories
i seen you smile some
seen you cry some
unsure if you lost or broke even
it ain' about winnin' or losin'
but believin'
workin thru the fears
ownin your shame
i feel the damp on my grandmothers tears
they stain
on my cheecks they land
holdin my hands up to the rain
she told me thru my father be meek
hide your pain follow your heart
donever allow it to be tame
tell your own true story
no pain no glory
don't let nobody blind fold you from the truth
callin' em lies
stay holdin fast to gods hemn follow the wise
i asked them
but some things they cant tell you
cant give you the lessons of the dust their tears fell to
or even prevent similar things happenin'
some call it poetry
when i drop to my knees

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