Jan 23, 2010

gregg says..Whowan' god to bless the children ?!

somebody told me they likes this..

you might too

Sir. Larry Mac on the track..
Mr.Clizz on the mix..

they want change
say they want change
they want change
say they want change

nothin ventured nothing gained
its not a lie but its a shame
we like pawn inside they silly games
seduced like a moth to a flame

once bitten
twice shy
while people outside still die
what they need is food clothes and shelter
yet the world steady say they can't help ya


with friends like this
who needs enemies
backbiting with their greed
and their jeaulosy
steady fightin' with their enemosity
the whole thing is becoming an atrocity

each one got opinions and philosophies
move from my space yo let me be
if you so far ahead how you next to me
let me play my bass yo let me be

i have no wants from this world
god gets all my glory
no boss ass i gotta kiss
jus tellin my own true story

peace love harmony
strength joy unity

if you lookin for peace of mind
any time's the right time
call on christ in a crisis
always true while the world twists


god bless the children

god bless the children
that live in poverty
the ones falling victim to drug use
the ones that have a need
rape and a legacy of crime
and domestic abuse
god bless the children

please carry them
to see a bright new day
give em a solution for their problems
and a brand new way
god bless the children

god bless the children
that fight for the right
on their own
the ones that stand alone

god bless the people yeah

god bless the people
who know setbacks and misery
but ain't give up on their


god bless the righteous
keep them strong and steady
cause if it wasn't for them
the enemy might have won already

god bless people's story
for many don't listen
due to propaganda and lies
no one gets to see their cries

god bless the ones
the ones who have dreams
working thru everyday uncertainties


god bless the ghetto
please give us strentgh to win
thank you for our beauty
and our innocence

god bless the children
grant us victory
it ain't always easy
to live thru this misery no

god bless our dreams
make them a reality
god bless our elderly
god bless our elderly


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