Dec 27, 2009

Yvad performs in nyc

so im chillin one morning at the crib
with my wife
teao and pooja
youknow jus kickin it
as my phone rings
and the display says
larry macdonald..
im like okay..
and im startin to think
did i for get something?..
cause i know he had said that he'd be willing to do some more work
on something we did prior to that

that's how i know him
always down to work..true musician god knows..
so as im thinkin like that
the phone still is ringin..
i pick it up
and theres larry
talkin in his calm matter fact manner
he tells me that he called me to see if i could make it for a gig
of an artist coming to town soon..
im like yes..ofcourse
he says he will have to confirm if the artst is still coming
and if so he willlet me know the details and give me a rehearsel date
im like cool..
by now
i got sweaty palms and im doin a happy dance around the room
i feel so honored to even be considered for a call by this man
he tells me the gig is confirmed
and we have a rehearsel in brooklyn the day before
he tells me the gig is at a spot called tillman's
on west 26 street
beautiful spot
beautiful vibes man..
definitely checkitout

please click on his name to find out more about him
please click on diane podolak his manager for updates

aaight so we do the rehearsel
the vibes is nice
the love is there
and im feeling good about where im at
never had a doubt about where they were youknow
so we rollin back thru brooklyn over eastern parkway
and im just listenin
lovin it
and learnin youknow..

this is yvad with his beautiful mother
miss carol berry
who got her own soundsystem every thursday in brooklyn
please click on her name and check the link
beautiful picture by the way

so is this one

so day of the show is here
youknow i get there early to make footage
and it feel like a nice late fall early wimter day man..
and from the moment i got there
the vibes was jus nice
and that feelin never let up
thru out the night..
you could easily feel god's presence
it was a beautiful show
the people and musicians made it that way together
and its main ingredient was love..

there go yo mens holdin it down for the fam..
so much love was shared that night
i feel truly grateful for it
god bless..
i wanna give thanx to soo many people
but i dont know em all by name
so what imma do is give thanx to god
and pray to him that my gratitude will be felt
for all those intended..

one special shout offcourse
is to mr larry mac..
for calling me
and giving me the opportunity to be down..
thank you larr..
One love..

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