Dec 2, 2009

stream of thought on the bus dec 2 '09

my mind stretches farther than the monetary concerns
that comes with makin a livin following dreams
cause i know things at best are only half
of what they seem, and then there is ife
the part away from the mic, the part
that seems to be inevitably filled with strife
bills n responcibilities, lately ive been feelin less free
lately ive been daydreamin more frequently,
thinkin of once in time lovers now second time divorcies,
whats love got to do with divorce papers and lawyers fees,
or hearing co-workers bitter stories
of the good bad n ugly in the romantic and not so romantic 60's,
never thought of a day past hippies
of how some were smokin to get away
much like lost kids today
guess the bud doesnt fall far from the tree
while with a bottle in your hand you judgin me
and the next thing i see is an innocent seed looking at me
looking for hope, while im strugglin to believe
n yet thru them somehow i believe
maybe cause they remind me of how i used to see
the world, when god seemed somehow closer to me
makes me question the mirror i look in
hardly believe its the same me

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