Dec 28, 2009

chillin' at suife's..

so my man robin came to town
been lookin forward to that visit cause
thats my peoples
and at the same time time
he an i build a repore datin a while back
from when i met him in amsterdam
on tour with audiopharmacy
in 2006
we got to talkin and really hit it off on some
loving music tip
i told him i had a ep release party at the bitterzoet in amsterdam
with sotu a month after
the AP tour..
we said peace and promised to keep in touch
now little did i know..
that man invited all my peoples out to the spot!
i mean
my moms
best friends
and peoples i aintseen in a long while youknow
so in a big way due to him
that night was a special night for me youknow?!
by the way thanx for that R.

keeping in touch i found out my man was more serious than i thought
about this whole music thing
i found out he was actually going to school to become a music manager
when i found that out
i was like yo
im dealing with this dude
if you know this dude
you know
he's a straight shooter
tells you things the way they are
even if you don't like to hear em
on a personal tip
but especially on a b.i. tip
and a man of his word

we made plans to set up a tour in holland for the summer of 2010
and been workin on it eversince
so when i found out about him comin thru to ny
i wanted to plug up and amplify
didn have any shows at that particular time
city college goin thru renovations
end of semester dealings..

we met at my other man's suife's spot
and got to talkin' about this an' that
one thing led to another
an' i was like yo
let's do this thing right here
imma show you
the cats that im musin' with is crazy nice yo
he was like no doubt im down
for my dutch readers..
'zo gezegd, zo gediggie..'
suife said it was cool
i called my peeps
and there we went

i called my rd dawg paul on keys
my bottom n..doug on bass
my velvet vocalchords lex to sing
and yours truly on guits..
we had a good time
and the response was love

had this girl julia
one of the guests' daughters take pictures
so these snaps is compliments of her..
they dope right?!
and robin took some footage
the onliest i have so far
(but im expectin' some more..)

you wouldnt believe
the way i wear my socks
is jus like that..
they stirred mad convo though.. :)


please enjoy some more

p.s. just got this in..
this was the day before the gig
yeah we was there too chillin'
thanx to robin for recordin this piece
he said 5 strings is enough..
5 strings and a voice
why not?!

this next song is a lex peterson original
we workin' out..

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