Dec 31, 2009

happy 2010..

to all nations and generations..

happy new years to..
and you
and you an you
and you.. you .. you ..
and you too..
you thought i didn't see you right?!
but i did..
happy new years to you too
peace y'all

Dec 28, 2009

chillin' at suife's..

so my man robin came to town
been lookin forward to that visit cause
thats my peoples
and at the same time time
he an i build a repore datin a while back
from when i met him in amsterdam
on tour with audiopharmacy
in 2006
we got to talkin and really hit it off on some
loving music tip
i told him i had a ep release party at the bitterzoet in amsterdam
with sotu a month after
the AP tour..
we said peace and promised to keep in touch
now little did i know..
that man invited all my peoples out to the spot!
i mean
my moms
best friends
and peoples i aintseen in a long while youknow
so in a big way due to him
that night was a special night for me youknow?!
by the way thanx for that R.

keeping in touch i found out my man was more serious than i thought
about this whole music thing
i found out he was actually going to school to become a music manager
when i found that out
i was like yo
im dealing with this dude
if you know this dude
you know
he's a straight shooter
tells you things the way they are
even if you don't like to hear em
on a personal tip
but especially on a b.i. tip
and a man of his word

we made plans to set up a tour in holland for the summer of 2010
and been workin on it eversince
so when i found out about him comin thru to ny
i wanted to plug up and amplify
didn have any shows at that particular time
city college goin thru renovations
end of semester dealings..

we met at my other man's suife's spot
and got to talkin' about this an' that
one thing led to another
an' i was like yo
let's do this thing right here
imma show you
the cats that im musin' with is crazy nice yo
he was like no doubt im down
for my dutch readers..
'zo gezegd, zo gediggie..'
suife said it was cool
i called my peeps
and there we went

i called my rd dawg paul on keys
my bottom n..doug on bass
my velvet vocalchords lex to sing
and yours truly on guits..
we had a good time
and the response was love

had this girl julia
one of the guests' daughters take pictures
so these snaps is compliments of her..
they dope right?!
and robin took some footage
the onliest i have so far
(but im expectin' some more..)

you wouldnt believe
the way i wear my socks
is jus like that..
they stirred mad convo though.. :)


please enjoy some more

p.s. just got this in..
this was the day before the gig
yeah we was there too chillin'
thanx to robin for recordin this piece
he said 5 strings is enough..
5 strings and a voice
why not?!

this next song is a lex peterson original
we workin' out..

Dec 27, 2009

Yvad performs in nyc

so im chillin one morning at the crib
with my wife
teao and pooja
youknow jus kickin it
as my phone rings
and the display says
larry macdonald..
im like okay..
and im startin to think
did i for get something?..
cause i know he had said that he'd be willing to do some more work
on something we did prior to that

that's how i know him
always down to work..true musician god knows..
so as im thinkin like that
the phone still is ringin..
i pick it up
and theres larry
talkin in his calm matter fact manner
he tells me that he called me to see if i could make it for a gig
of an artist coming to town soon..
im like yes..ofcourse
he says he will have to confirm if the artst is still coming
and if so he willlet me know the details and give me a rehearsel date
im like cool..
by now
i got sweaty palms and im doin a happy dance around the room
i feel so honored to even be considered for a call by this man
he tells me the gig is confirmed
and we have a rehearsel in brooklyn the day before
he tells me the gig is at a spot called tillman's
on west 26 street
beautiful spot
beautiful vibes man..
definitely checkitout

please click on his name to find out more about him
please click on diane podolak his manager for updates

aaight so we do the rehearsel
the vibes is nice
the love is there
and im feeling good about where im at
never had a doubt about where they were youknow
so we rollin back thru brooklyn over eastern parkway
and im just listenin
lovin it
and learnin youknow..

this is yvad with his beautiful mother
miss carol berry
who got her own soundsystem every thursday in brooklyn
please click on her name and check the link
beautiful picture by the way

so is this one

so day of the show is here
youknow i get there early to make footage
and it feel like a nice late fall early wimter day man..
and from the moment i got there
the vibes was jus nice
and that feelin never let up
thru out the night..
you could easily feel god's presence
it was a beautiful show
the people and musicians made it that way together
and its main ingredient was love..

there go yo mens holdin it down for the fam..
so much love was shared that night
i feel truly grateful for it
god bless..
i wanna give thanx to soo many people
but i dont know em all by name
so what imma do is give thanx to god
and pray to him that my gratitude will be felt
for all those intended..

one special shout offcourse
is to mr larry mac..
for calling me
and giving me the opportunity to be down..
thank you larr..
One love..

gregg says..shrine part 2..

where to begin peoples
been awhile right
yeah i know
been a little busy doin my thing
so now the kakatu has come home to chill
and while at
post some new stuffs upon the blizog..
for starters
the rehearsel for the second show at the shrine
recorded at city college harlem nyc
artem K.'s the engineer..

so check it
i brings my camera to the spot
and i told myself i wanna charge it before the show
guess what?!
i bring the adaptor for my laptop
and not the camera
no footage from the second show at the shrine..

a picture

a nice set though by the way..
peoples came out
music was good
love love was in the place

Dec 22, 2009

classic..roy ayers..the roots..

my man metaphysic put this on his facebook pizzy..
yes!! roy ayers on the roots' classic gets busy

Dec 21, 2009

where is eagle eye?!..the game wants you..

where is eagle eye cherry?!..

Dec 20, 2009

black love

black love is
love heavenly
shadows and clarity
extacy and pain
we the trees
blues is our roots
running thru our veins
tears are the food
we consume
to smile again be born again
black love is
a sin in their world
black love
is a sound all around
felt n heard
black love is
gods voice dictated to our hearts
quoted to the universe
in our soul and art
black love is the start
the silence from which grows the most profound sound
like black eyes
and black dice that roll on like we do
thru history
n different times and places touching
everything with royalty
leaving behind black legacy
black love =
acceptance and healing diffusing the lies
building our pride
thru living proof and example
black love is the promise from heaven,
we living example

Dec 19, 2009

gregg says beautiful yess.. kymani and morgan

jus lovin it..

gregg says.. practice, practice, practice..

just tryina be like pops.. :)
nyc was blessed with a visit of a beautiful spirit by the name of pooja..
the bible says beauty is in the eye of the beholder
i couldn't agree more..
she the one made the picture
thank you sweety
you have a beautiful look on things..

Dec 17, 2009

gregg says..yes..GARRINCHA..

if you know me a little bit
then you know i love soccer
or football as many west indian friends like to correct me
sort of a throwback
i love old skool
the passion the styles the romance
the greatest era of the game for me was 50 60 and 70
and to me like many others
the most passionate creatively and joyously the game has been
and still is being played is undoubtedly by the keepers of the game
here's a dedication to one of my favorites

i love you garrincha
thank you for doing your thing
and bringing so much joy to the hearts of so many lovers of the game
we are forever indebted to you
thank you

Dec 13, 2009

-what i did with my well..

so together with artem
the engineer to the city college work we did over the summer
i recorded some of my songs

here we go:


it ain't easy
survivin' in this world
and that goes for all men women
little boys and girls
nowhere in this life
are streets paved with pearls
you got to work for what for what you want
whether you got green eyes or curls

everyday's a struggle
you got to hustle
to find your way in life
like a diamond in the rubble

if your job is not your passion
are you workin' for what you're askin'
if you're not pushin' it
it's not gonna move
and when it's outta line
it's up to you to put it back in the groove

if your job is not your passion
start workin' for what you're askin'
if you're not pushin' it
its not gonna move
and when it's outta line
it's up to you to put it back in the groove

everyday's a struggle
you got to hustle
to find your way in life
like a diamond in the rubble

sometimes you gotta get dirty
to feel that you're worthy
at times you gotta put up with strife
to get some beans an' rice

work for what you want
work for what you need


everytime you open your mouth
you're rude
so rude
everytime you speak more lies than truth
you do
you do

the pen is mightier than the sword
i do not know what you messin' with me for
i been told you before
you didn't take no heed
now you comin' back for more
life's a battle between love an war
many people don't know what they livin for
hate got em feelin' insecure
but you just want to be givin them more

cool out now

all the while pretendin' we friends
i turn around now you stealin' my ends
remember all the little things you said?!
what goes around comes back one day
love could never go astray
despite all the little silly games you play


Dec 11, 2009

yess bless burnin spear

a good friend of mine
mid to late ninetees
introduced me to burning spear
we used to take trips from one side of oahu to the country side alot
while vibin to reggae music nonstop
he took me to maad different schools
one of em was
the college of the burning spear..

yo classic..

my motto
peace to grams pops n moms sisses n cusszzes too..

Dec 10, 2009

to my moms..

moms, i want to thank you for always telling me to follow my heart.
i love you and thank you for that.

Dec 9, 2009

-gregg says yess..sir. greg'ry isaac

mr mellow
the kool ruler..
the marvin of reggae

i never knew these cats was this nice live
i mean
i shoulda known right?!
but i didnt
now i do.. :)
the vibes is beautiful
yo i always loved the guitar solo in this song
i mean crazy yo ..just crazy..

no i didn't know that
mighty diamond's song
was the forerunner
to the song
i knew from since i was yeaj
(how you spell that?!) high
what a mellowing song man
just what i need man
just what i need..

and youknow..
it's still ill..


Dec 8, 2009

gregg says yess.. A.D.O.R.

my main dude dixxie hipped me to this
gave me his cd on my birthday
told me i would like it
never heard of the the dude at the time
but my man was right
never left my player..

gregg says yess gregg allman..

i didn't know about this
and jus kinda just clicked on it
glad i did
really glad i did
what a fuckin' beautiful voice
that's how a voice should sound
so soulful too
and the guitar playing is nuts yo..
i fuckin love it, you donno..

Dec 7, 2009

things done right

Dec 2, 2009

stream of thought on the bus dec 2 '09

my mind stretches farther than the monetary concerns
that comes with makin a livin following dreams
cause i know things at best are only half
of what they seem, and then there is ife
the part away from the mic, the part
that seems to be inevitably filled with strife
bills n responcibilities, lately ive been feelin less free
lately ive been daydreamin more frequently,
thinkin of once in time lovers now second time divorcies,
whats love got to do with divorce papers and lawyers fees,
or hearing co-workers bitter stories
of the good bad n ugly in the romantic and not so romantic 60's,
never thought of a day past hippies
of how some were smokin to get away
much like lost kids today
guess the bud doesnt fall far from the tree
while with a bottle in your hand you judgin me
and the next thing i see is an innocent seed looking at me
looking for hope, while im strugglin to believe
n yet thru them somehow i believe
maybe cause they remind me of how i used to see
the world, when god seemed somehow closer to me
makes me question the mirror i look in
hardly believe its the same me
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