Nov 30, 2009

pen scratches on the canvas of my comp boox

yo i dibble dabbles a lil' bit
with this drawin' stuff
definately not no picasso
but i would say also no sloucho :)
(just had to put that in there for added cornyness value)
but youknow just havin fun an expressin myself
and now i would like to share it with you
esteemed reader of this joint..
first pic is inspired by a pic of pac in a mag
how that sound?! :)
sound like chinese ping pong right
a pic of pac in a mag!! :)
no offense to other tupac fans or to any chinese people
just being corny again..
rest in peace pac
thank god for you..

the next one inspired by a friend of mine and my love for the motherland

'moma afrika'

1 comment:

Zesty Gal said...

Hi Gregg, love the drawings! Really like the first and third one :) Multi-talented hey?! ;)

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