Nov 25, 2009


i thought about this a lil' bit as i was gettin' my breakfast
sometimes these thoughts popup in my head
and i start to muzin' about them,
youknow it don really matter where you born raised or live
it seems like the moment you part of a society
like we all are
each and everyone gets categorized by various little boxes sections frameworx etc.
all across the board too
skin color
age gender
i guess its all part of the human condition but damn youknow
some feel safe
cause the feeling can bring safety
to be part of something
to feel like you belong
but the question is
how safe is that safety
cause once you step out of the confines of that safety
will the zone in which you found that saffety now perceive you as different?
same when it comes to being yourself and defining yourself
seem to be living and walking along the lines of standards of what they somehow know is accepted
therefore giving their power to others
i mean obeying laws of society or universal laws or social rules
you decide
is all a part of personal growth
the only constant over which you have control is your soul
so what you look like letting others define it for you?!
and what you look like when you do
and now they change their minds..

just some thoughts
not no fax..

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