Nov 28, 2009

somethin' for you to vibe to..

a lil' while ago i had the pleasure and the privelege to be part of a project with my man, japanese producer kenichiro nishihara
we did two songs in total for his critically aclaimed project 'humming jazz'
the first song is called 'from time to time'
a pretty low-key and in the cut type a song of what it means to me to do my thing away from the hype and for the love of music..

I cant tell you what to do
Jus like these niggaz couldn’t tell me who to be how to my thing
Cats come across confident spittin ignorant
Headz wise usually speak softly
Got no reason to hide behind bravado
That’s why you wont see my face when I hit the lotto
Jus keep it movin full throttle
Bless where I manifest let the wisdom settle
Pedal to the medal to the grotto
Where me and my baby boo batgirl stay
The mission in my rhymes is to find a way
To make the night time a better place to play
People hear me when I say
Soul music is here to stay

Don’t let nobody hold you down
You gotta do your best to turn your frowns
Opinions everybody got one
You gotta keep lookin out for number one

Tomorrows not promised to anyone
In between your worries try to have some fun
From the stress take a time out feel blessed
Let your soul roam give your thoughts a rest
you aint servin nobody with stressin
the issues you got stress manifests them
Most people tend to deal in ego
In reality you know they’d rather be happy
And you may find when you look closely
Those you consider friends envy
Try to hold you down while you try to grow
Keep your dreams close to god he knows
Surround yourself with those who want the best for you
Keep your eyes on the prize stay true
Aint tryina sound like im preachin
But from time to time words like these we all need them

the second song is called 'life is a deck of hearts' in which i was inspired by french rapper mc Solaar's song Caroline.. he describes a scene in the park with children playing.. i do the same or similar, most respectfully..

The middle of the day got me thinkin on past times
A park bench children play your name mentioned
Got my mind drunk like memories that steal time
And still your smile one out of a million
Feelins I used to have at time I still feel em
Eatin me up inside but I know I cant kill em
Never thought I’d live with em so physically
Its like you livin inside the deepest part of me
The sadness of you is all I have so it feels
Double to set you free..
I remember your eyes talk like whispers
and I wished to get withya paint cleare the pictures
I was feelin keep you from leavin
But my angels turned to demons imprisoned by my freedom
And im thinkin of you feelin nothing but pain
Life’s a deck of cards im fucked up in the game

Lifes a check
And when its cashed its all in
Aint no skippin steps gods sees everything
The good the bad the bitter the sweet
Times you in sin
Times you on your knees

I try to listen to old timers when they talk
I was raised that way they paved the ways I walk
Like my moms and pops words of wisdom and advice
Be the light that guides my feet keep me flyin right
I seen some dark nights and I seen some bright mornings
God saved my life thankful to be yawning
But I cant undastand how come we not together
Though I thought I knew it all I guess life knew better
She came between us like birds that flew together
Divided by winds of change that turned never
The night stole my days and its pale sunrays
The midst of which I in vain called your name
Thought of how you and how you became
Lifes a deck of hearts covered in shame


we just wrapped up recording another song
sort of like a remix of the song daydreams
i like to call it 'tokyo dreamin'
imma share it with you soon as it comes out..

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