Nov 10, 2009

gregg says..let's go to france for a sec.

so one night my oldest sis came to my room
i was sleep
happy to see her
still tired
confused a little
she was excited
i was confused
but excited too
she had something she wanted to share with me
she had been gone for a while
living in aix-en provence
close to marseille in the south of france
so dig
she did something that was about to chage my life
she got my boombox
i think it mighta been a cd portable hooked up
to a box
nah youknow what
it was a cassette tape
i played that mutha forever yo
like i mean every song every note
i knew that shit inside out
an my sis never saw that tape again
i claimt it
lived with it
loved with it
that was it!!
so when she played me the tape
she wanted me to hear one particular song especially
it was a hit in france over the summer
and she shared it with me
and yo
shit was dope to me
here it is for you..
mc solaar
bouge de la

so she translated it for me cause
naturally i was curious to know what he said in the lyrics youknow
so yeah
that was it
i wanted
i had to learn french
and i learned a lot thru listening to this album and mc solaar in general
i lost my mind when i finally heard the first song on the album
it was so fuckin' crazy to me
the groove..
this niggaz' flow
i was like
who is this dude?!
at the same time im like
im lovin this dude man
i mean the groove sounded like a jimi smith song to me
and the flow was jus some ultra smooth shit
so youknow what more could i want really?!

and then this happened
my uncontested nr. 1 hip hop love song of all time
together with lovesick by gangstarr
n you decide
sh.. youknow im right
yeah i know what you thinkin'
youre all i need
and yes
you right
that one too
them three songs..

aaight checkit right
im goin' thru the songs and thru the credits
yo i hear a guest rapper
and im like
this niggaz voice is crazy..
i mean
like yo what the f****
its like a verbal baritone saxophone
"soon e mc

aaight so checkitout
now i find
my favorite rapper/mc guru
he already knowing
and already put this man on
im like aaight then
readit in the credits
once again..
so what you think?!
them two
do a song ?!
hell yes!!
you think it would be hot?
judge for yourself babay..

aaight so i went on holidays with my peoples
destination south of france
sade (thanx to my sis tash she introduced me..yes again..)
massilia sound serge..j'espere que cavabien?!
he introduced me to this group
so here's for you
massilia sound system..

so i moved to france
and this is what was hot
at that time



so as you know
i was doin' my thing as well
learnin' to do some earnin'
so this a dedication..

thru that process
met a songstress
here she ess
dans la nuit

an yo
this aint for everybody
but i love it..

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